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All the latest whitepapers from LCP Delta

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Wind turbine farm in beautiful nature landscape.
March 27 2024
LCP Delta were pleased provide the analysis to the government that informed one of the key components – the move to a more locational pricing model. Our analysis shows that a move to zonal pricing has the potential to bring benefits to the British electricity system and to households. However, these benefits may be offset...
March 20 2024
This whitepaper explores these challenges and the roadmap to unlocking a ‘digital home energy utopia’, characterised by widespread consumer adoption and industry wide standardised communications protocols. Drawing from insights from leading digital energy experts this whitepaper offers valuable insights for any company looking to strategically position themselves in this growing market.   Click here to...
March 19 2024
This report is based on LCP Delta’s high level quantitative and qualitative research. This year we have expanded our coverage to maps: Accessibility of DSF in ancillary services Accessibility of DSF in distribution system flexibility Accessibility of residential assets in implicit and explicit flexibility TSO spend of market accessible to DSF Accessibility and spend of...
Adult female hand holding a burning sparkler with bokeh background
March 13 2024
Dynamic Tariffs have been drawing considerable attention for the past few years. Often presented as a key element of future energy markets, they are being increasingly pushed by regulators and energy professionals alike. But what are the real opportunities of dynamic tariffs and what role should they play in the European residential tariff landscape? In...
H2 Whitepaper
January 30 2024
The last two years have seen unprecedented disruption in global energy markets. Volatile gas prices, rising supply chain costs for offshore wind, and politics that whilst not slowing down the global importance of the climate crisis, has at least made some countries look closer to home for their own energy security. Hydrogen, whilst not insulated from these trends, has at least weathered the...
December 6 2023
Supported by concrete examples from the industry, this whitepaper stands as an essential resource for manufacturers aiming to strategically position themselves in the rapidly evolving landscape of the residential green technology sector.   Explore our analysis here

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