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Unleash the Power of Residential Flexibility in the Future Energy System

July 13th 2023
at 11:00am


Get an exclusive sneak peek into Phase 1 of the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) funded project on Alternative Energy Markets (AEM).

🌟 Immerse yourself in the ground-breaking research study, Project FLASH (FLexibility Assets and Smart Homes), as we delve into the captivating exploration of domestic flexibility in a future energy market.

💡 Ignite your curiosity in a panel discussion that dives deep into the transformational topics of energy market frameworks, customer empowerment in demand side flexibility, and the immense value of flexibility tariffs.

🔎 Discover how cutting-edge low carbon technologies like heat pumps, storage products, and electric vehicles can be backed by tailored tariffs, reducing grid pressure and household bills now and in the future.

💎 Unearth the hidden secrets of residential flexibility and witness how demand side response can unleash incredible savings on your electricity bills while ensuring a stable energy system.

Who should attend?

Network operators | Energy suppliers | Housing associations | Private landlords | Local authorities | Policy makers | Senior professionals in the energy power market

Presenting will be:

Rebecca Rosling, Head of Smart Customer, EDF R&D
Olayinka Ayo, Research Engineer, EDF R&D UK
Kevin McDonald, Senior Structurer Wholesales Market Systems, EDF Customers
David Trevithick, Head of Digital, LCP Delta

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