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State of the new energy market 2023: are we seeing the rise of the energy retailer of the future?


This webinar examines the transformation of the energy retail model, showcasing how companies are shifting towards becoming energy managers, offering integrated solutions to empower customers in achieving affordability and net zero goals amidst the changing landscape of green finance, digitalisation, and AI.

The spectre of net zero has long been hovering over the energy industry, but the energy crisis might finally kill off the traditional energy retail business model. This model, predicated on ever-increasing consumption, clashes with today’s objectives of curbing demand, enhancing energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, and protecting customers from price volatility.

Riding a swelling tide of customer concerns over energy prices and environmental impacts, consumer spending on electric vehicles (EVs), heat pumps, and solar technology is surging across Europe. With the rising currents of green finance, digitalisation, and AI, these waves of change are set to crest even higher. Energy suppliers will be overtaken by tomorrow’s energy managers, whose focus will be on helping customers achieve their affordability and net zero goals. In so doing, they will ‘swap sides’ – not selling kWh’s, but empowering customers with integrated new energy solutions that deliver to all three corners of the energy trilemma.

This webinar explores the evolution of the energy retail model, explaining how leading companies are progressing towards becoming the energy manager of the future. It examines how new energy products and tools are being integrated with dynamic energy tariffs and assesses whether there are opportunities for both incumbent players and innovative newcomers to disrupt the market.

If you have any issues connecting to the webinar or registering, contact energy@lcp.com.

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Simon Briggs, New Energy Business Models Service Manager and Nigel Timperley, Principal Analyst

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