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Register for our webinar, Will the energy crisis support or hinder the energy transition?

The energy crisis is increasing customers’ bills across Europe, with potentially profound effects on national economies and individual livelihoods. There is no end in sight to the crisis, with concern spreading that it may last for months or even years. However, there may be an opportunity for Europe to show global leadership by opting to secure its energy future in a way that enables the energy transition.

In this webinar, the Delta-EE team have invited two guests – Ulrike Hetke, Director of Program and Project Management at Vattenfall and Emanuela Sartori, Head of Market Analysis & Competitors at Enel X, to discuss these opportunities, answering these questions:

  • Can security of supply become a transition enabler? And if so, how?
  • What role will demand side flexibility play? How will the public participate?
  • Can new business models help customers to participate more fully in the transition?

Register for the webinar here.

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