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LCP Delta's Winter Market Outlook 2023

October 17th 2023
at 11:00am

Remaining resilient after the storm. What lies ahead for UK energy markets this winter?

Following on from the serious concerns about winter security of supply last autumn, the eventual outturn was expensive but secure. The risks have not fully dissipated this year but with the upcoming winter expected to be better supplied, fall in commodity prices and new licence conditions coming into force, the price outlook has seen a significant shift.

In this webinar we will outline potential scenarios for this winter, and consider what this means for power generators and traders.

This webinar focuses on:

  • Our forecasts for the upcoming winter and comparing these to the NGESO winter outlook.
  • Exploring scenarios around the level of wind output, interconnector imports, gas prices and plant availability.
  • A view on LOLE and the margin for this winter, and what this may mean for scarcity value, prices, spreads, the risk of demand curtailment and even blackouts.

This webinar is relevant for all those interested in energy market scenarios, including power traders, asset owners, retail suppliers, generators, policy makers, lenders, private equity, infrastructure funds, and other senior professionals in the energy power market.

Webinar Details

17th October 2023
Chris Matson, Partner; Rajiv Gogna, Partner; Gurpal Ruprai, Senior Consultant

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