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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Ecosystem

About the course

This course will allow you to understand the emerging EV charging ecosystem, and the intersection of EVs, the electricity system and consumers changesYou will learn about the basics to eMobility and charging, including the impact on the electricity system.   

You will also learn about the market, policy and consumer drivers to this market and how this is evolving.  

We will talk you through the different types of business models and propositions that are emerging and the future outlook for this market in the energy transition. 

Course Information


Duration: 3 days, 2 hours/day

Delivery: Virtual (in person upon request)

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Format: Small group with other companies (private available upon request)

Price: £995 per person. Existing subscribers to our services £895 per person. Group discounts available.

Who this Course is Best For



  • Individuals who want an understanding of how EVs will impact energy systems and markets, such as electricity networks and suppliers 
  • New starters in the eMobility and EV charging industries
  • Those interested in how energy, infrastructure and transport sectors are intersect

Required knowledge: Basic understanding of energy markets & structures. We recommend our foundation course first for those new to the energy industry.

2023/2024 Dates

Our next training session will take place on:

31st October – 2nd November 2023


27-29th February 2024


16-18th April 2024


Course Details

  • Introductions to EVs and types of charging  
  • How EVs interface with the electricity grid  
  • Market sizes and key growth factors 
  • What makes EVs an interesting energy asset 
  • The EV ecosystem of service providers 
  • Overview of business models and emerging consumer propositions 
  • The outlook of the market
  • Session 1 – defining EVs and EV charging, including the interface between mobility and the electricity system in the energy transition 
  • Session 2 – Market sizes and growth in EVs & EV charging in Europe, underlying trends and the ecosystem of players  
  • Session 3 – EV consumer and emerging business models and propositions. Including the future outlook for the EV charging market

An understanding of how transport and the electricity system are converging, understand the market dynamics of consumers and service providers and where your organisation fits in

Our Trainers are Here to Help

You’ll love the hands-on approach of our training programmes. Our training professionals will guide you through the fundamentals of the energy transition market and current strategies to help you understand where opportunities for your business lie. 

Charmaine Coutinho, Head of Client Training
"I appreciated the clear slide structure with detailed content. I also liked the pace of the training that allowed space for questions."
- Training Attendee

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