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STOREcast brings the power of LCP Delta’s advanced battery modelling into users’ hands, allowing them to configure their own bespoke assets and portfolios, including the location and technical parameters, and view revenue and generation projections, automatically updated each quarter.

The battery storage market is constantly evolving. Some revenue streams diminish through saturation, while others boom through changes in market dynamics and volatility. Policy and regulation shifts impact assets differently, as do the behaviours and online dates of other assets and interconnectors.

Asset owners need a way of staying on top of these changes and to understand the financial impact they have on their asset so they can budget accordingly and, if necessary, take operational or refurbishment actions. However, to date their options have been to either: commission bespoke projections every quarter (an expensive process), building their own models (an increasingly difficult process) or rely on generic subscription-based curves (which are increasingly inaccurate given the nuances of the market and the individuality of each asset).

STOREcast is the first product of its kind to provide UK storage owners with the power of regular bespoke modelling with the ease of a subscription service, with almost instant results.

Using STOREcast, clients are able to configure their own assets, rather than simulate generic assets, and run them against LCP Delta’s scenarios.

This allows users to specify their assets and capture the impact of:

  • Location (TNUoS and DNO zone)
  • Efficiency
  • Running costs
  • Onsite / Colocation options
  • Grid Configuration
  • Cycling limits

These assets can then be stored and will automatically be updated each quarter against LCP Delta’s latest scenario, to allow for real time monitoring and proactive management. Alternatively, users can use this functionality pre-investment to assess how changing these technical characteristics would change their investment case.

STOREcast utilises LCP Delta’s trusted EnVision modelling framework, used by the majority of the UK power market in revenue forecasting and policy impact analysis.

Every asset that a user creates will be dispatched against LCP Delta’s scenarios using our bespoke battery optimisation algorithm, which allows assets to optimise between markets, timescales, opportunity costs and its own technical limits.

Users will then be able to view results for each asset run, both from a P&L and asset performance perspective. By aggregating these assets into portfolios, clients can create digital twins of their entire portfolio, run them across various scenarios and benchmark against actual outturns with ease.

Faisal Wahid, Senior Consultant

Battery storage investors and operators have a difficult job in understanding how the changing market impacts their revenue outlook. We developed STOREcast to put our advanced modelling in the hands of our clients in a user-friendly way. It’s now much easier for clients to self-serve trying out different scenarios, configurations or strategies, and to stay on top of market changes.

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