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Technology and Data

Policy and Regulations

HYbase Database

Supplemented by in-depth project reports, viewpoints, reports, country profiles, and other critical insights, giving your team a deep and broad insight into how the global hydrogen sector is developing.

This database provides:

  • Key market trends for project developers, investors,
    and policy makers
  • Provides investor insights to support the growth of the European green hydrogen market
Air heat pump beside house

Electrification of Heat Regulations Database

All the policy & regulations insight you need to make strategic decisions about your electric heating offering. 

This database provides:

  • Information on key regulations, taxes, subsidies and standards affecting electrically-driven heating technologies in Europe, both for new build and retrofit
Green City

Local Energy Systems Policy and Regulations Database

We help our clients follow the changes in regulatory frameworks across Europe for all types of Local Energy Systems.

This database provides:

  • A long list of all relevant local energy systems regulations
  • Our summary and views of the regulations
  • Information on which particular topic it covers (e.g., collective self-consumption, peer to peer, export incentives, climate targets)
  • Details on which companies are impacted (e.g., customers, DSOs, TSOs, energy suppliers)
  • Specific information on country, start/end dates and values if applicable
Block chain code and computer connection with optical flares background.

France Regulations Database

Everything there is to know about the French policies and regulations related to the energy transition.

This database provides:

  • A long list of all the relevant energy transition policies and regulations
  • The topics covered include climate targets, heating, flexibility, EV chargepoints, energy communities, self-consumption, buildings and more
  • Details on which companies are impacted (e.g., customers, DSOs, TSOs, energy suppliers etc.)
  • Our views on the likely impacts or the objectives of the regulators
Man regulating heating temperature with a modern wireless thermostat installed on the wall at home.

Hydrogen for Heating Strategy Database

Providing an overview of the status of the national hydrogen strategies of European countries, if they are under development or already published, and if the strategies include targets for the use of hydrogen for heating.

This database provides:

  • Identifies countries that mention hydrogen for heating in their National Energy and Climate Plans
  • Gives subscribers a quick and visual way of determining the markets where there is policy support for hydrogen for heating
  • Covers EU27 + UK as well as Norway and Switzerland
  • Updated regularly, when new strategies are published and may come to include countries from outside Europe based on subscribers’ interest and feedback

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