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Your partner through the evolving power trading landscape

What we do

Power trading across Europe is entering a new era of complexity.

Decisions on when to trade, how to trade and which markets to trade in now require the meticulous analysis of thousands of data points drawn from a disparate array of sources. Meanwhile, power systems are increasingly reliant on intermittent technologies, adding an additional layer of unpredictability, and markets are becoming more connected as we build greater links through interconnection.  

This evolution presents both new challenges and opportunities in the European power trading sector. Traders have the opportunity to leverage technology to help them identify opportunities faster than the competition, while asset owners can use the huge range of data now available to identify the best partners in optimising their assets. 

How we can help

Enact is a cutting-edge data integration and analytics platform designed for the GB and European short-term power markets. It empowers traders and analysts with data-driven insights to enhance decision-making, through customisable interfaces, intelligent querying, real time alerting and live AI-powered forecasts of renewable generation, imbalance and prices. 

Enact also provides a layer of transparency over the market by supporting asset owners in benchmarking the performance of optimisers through leaderboards and drill-down workflows. As Enact is also used by traders making real time decisions, we are able to help you fairly compare optimisers and have data-driven conversations when assessing performance. 


Rajiv Gogna, Partner

At the core of both power trading and performance benchmarking is distilling large amounts of data into actionable insight. Enact helps traders and analysts cut through huge volumes of data by delivering focussed screens and workflows, alongside customisable dashboards. This means our clients don’t need to worry about bringing data together and can focus on using their expertise to add the most value.”

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