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Technology and Data

Companies, Projects and Propositions

HYbase Database

Supplemented by in-depth project reports, viewpoints, reports, country profiles, and other critical insights, giving your team a deep and broad insight into how the global hydrogen sector is developing.

This database provides:

  • Key market trends for project developers, investors,
    and policy makers
  • Provides investor insights to support the growth of the European green hydrogen market
businesswoman delivering a presentation to her colleagues in the boardroom

New Energy Business Models Database

We track over 350 innovative business models in the new energy market. Our clients use this to understand what works and what doesn’t, to inform their innovation strategies.

This database provides:

  • A long list of over 350 new energy business models across Europe and beyond
  • Details on the country, the customer target and how the business model works
  • Uses our six business models pillars (time-of-use optimisation, marketplace operations, energy as a service, efficient consumption, lifestyle products, bundling) to categorise each business model
Young businessman thinking about business strategy in front of computer

The State of the New Energy Market Database

LCP Delta’s State of the New Energy Market database includes annually-updated market sizes from 2015 to 2020 (€m), by technology area, and forecasts until 2025.

This database provides:

  • Market sizes based on the number of hardware and services sales and weighted average prices of the best-selling products in each country, for each year (prices include installation and taxes). Market sizes therefore provide an indicator of “consumer spend” in each area
  • Four product areas (eMobility, New Heating, Smart buildings, Behind the Meter solar and storage) and six countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK)
  • Data gathered from across Delta-EE’s research services, public sources and conversations with actors from the new energy industry
Air conditioning heat pumps on the side of a house

Flexible Residential Electric Heating Database

This database tracks key market information on players using e-HVAC appliances for residential demand response across Europe – both commercial projects and trials. It includes information on customer-facing company, platform & controls provider, e-HVAC assets used, value streams accessed, types of customer benefits provided, and MW of assets connected.

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Residential Heating Propositions Database

The Residential Heating Propositions Database contains profiles of innovative residential heating propositions on the market or in development across Europe, including company overview, business model details, the customer proposition, and sales.

Electric Vehicles Charging Provider Database

This database provides a comprehensive overview of all the players involved in the chargepoint market across Europe.

This database provides:

  • Define the key roles in EV charging
  • Look up particular companies and organisations
  • Understand who is participating in which territories
  • Discover partnerships, acquisitions and investments
Electricity pylon and wind turbines

Residential Demand Response Database

We track information about most of the companies playing in the European residential demand response market.

This database provides:

  • The values accessed by each of the players
  • The types of assets they are connected to
  • The installed base of their assets in the field
white boiler on a green wall

Hydrogen for Heating Projects Database

This database gives a complete oversight over hydrogen for heat activities in Europe. It provides a summary of projects (in Europe and the rest of the world) designed to use hydrogen to heat buildings.

electricity pylons

Demand Response Partnerships Database

In this database we provide an overview of some of the partnerships, acquisitions and investments we’ve seen.

This database provides:

  • Relationship between companies
  • Customer targets
  • Investments in the company
Women's hand typing on mobile smartphone

Smart Meter Solutions Database

This database is a must-have resource for anyone with responsibility for customer solutions that use smart meter data. It provides a list of innovative businesses that LCP Delta has identified through its research that are using smart meter data to change relationships between energy providers and customers.

happy lesbian couple using a digital tablet at home

Energy Insights Solutions Database

This database helps users navigate the residential, customer-facing energy insights solutions in Europe for the purposes of customer engagement, bill reduction and energy efficiency. It covers product functionality, technical information, and user statistics. It addresses use cases such as how does one product differ in functionality to another, how do usage rates vary across a competitor set, and who is using more advanced functionality in a particular country.

3D image concept of renewable energy - photovoltaics, wind turbines and Li-ion battery container in fresh nature.

Energy Storage Competitor Database

The ESRS Competitor Database details the key players in the growing European energy storage market. The initial release of this document covers a range of residential storage stakeholders in countries with significant or potential energy storage penetration. The document will be updated on a regular basis to expand coverage of stakeholders, relationships, market segments and country markets.

Use This database to:

  • Look up particular companies and organisations
  • Understand who is active in which European countries
  • Discover partnerships, acquisitions and investments
currency symbols falling towards the earth, representing companies generating money

Time-of-Use Tariffs Database

This database contains prices and tariff structures of residential time-of-use electricity tariffs in Europe and Internationally.

Gas fired boiler control panel closeup.

Small Scale Electrolyser Database

This file contains information on small-scale electrolysers producing hydrogen locally, for use in residential and small commercial buildings, that are on sale or being developed globally. It indicates key product developers, product specification details as well as commercial and market information. The technology focus is AEL, AEM and PEM product types.

Gas network pipes in front of electricity pylons

QuantifHy: Hydrogen for heating project calculator tool

The number of hydrogen (H2) for heating projects is rapidly increasing, but how much H2 does it take to operate one of these schemes? And how much carbon dioxide can be saved from doing so? This excel tool will enable Gas Heating Service subscribers to answer such questions and quickly gain an understanding of the scale of new projects as they are announced.

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