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Technology and Data

We all know how important using data is in decision making, but gathering the relevant data and cutting through the noise takes time. At LCP Delta, we take care of the hard work around data integration and interrogation, allowing you to focus on using data to drive your decisions.

Our Technology and Data team’s offerings are twofold: first, we provide access to proprietary or hard-to-access data, collated with a clear aim – to answer your strategic questions. Our teams bring together data from a wide range of external sources, as well as our own primary research, and bring this into a unified source. This allows you to access this data in one place, delivered through targeted datasets and visualisations that get straight to the core of your queries.

Secondly, we develop focused Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology products, all designed and built in-house. Our applications span a broad spectrum, from artificial intelligence to support power trading through to tracking the companies involved in every storage project across Europe. Each product is bespoke, engineered to help you interpret the data most effectively.

With LCP Delta, you gain access to detailed, current information and insights, aiding your strategic decision-making in the energy sector. Our mission is to demystify complex data, delivering clear and actionable insights to empower your journey through the energy transition. 

Find out more about our technology products or energy research data here:

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Technology Products

Detailed databases, intuitive visualisations and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products to help you make the best strategic, tactical and operational decisions

Energy Research Data

Empowering businesses and policymakers with valuable data-driven insights to stay ahead in the dynamic energy industry

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