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Electric car plugged in outside house
August 14 2023
Introduction to Oliver McHugh Meet Oliver McHugh, the EV Charging Research Manager and technical expert at LCP Delta. With an extensive background in the wider energy ecosystem, he provides insight and data on the EV charging market to key industry players. Oliver is driven by ensuring a consumer focussed approach to the energy transition and...
July 24 2023
Introduction to Nerea Martinez Hipolito Nerea Martinez Hipolito is the Hydrogen Intelligence Research Service Manager and and a technical expert at LCP Delta. In her four-year tenure, she has been pivotal in delivering key insights in both the distributed power and hydrogen sectors, fostering robust relationships along the way. Driven by a desire to positively...
hot air balloons
June 14 2023
Introduction to Sam Hollister Meet Sam Hollister, a prominent figure in the energy industry, renowned for his expertise in energy markets and the transition to a sustainable future. As a key member of the LCP Delta team, Sam’s extensive knowledge and experience have established him as a trusted authority in the field. With a track...
space launch
June 7 2023
Introduction to Lucinda Murley Lucinda Murley, also known as Lucy, is the Flexibility Research Service Manager and a technical expert at LCP Delta. With her profound knowledge of European flexibility markets and contributions as the lead author for the renowned smartEN/LCP Delta Flexibility Market Monitor, Lucy has earned international recognition as a sought-after speaker at...

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