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Eco-friendly building in the modern city. Green tree branches with leaves and sustainable glass building for reducing heat and carbon dioxide. Office building with green environment. Go green concept.
July 5 2023
At LCP Delta, we support investors with due diligence via providing the information and guidance they need to make informed investment decisions, paving the way for capital investment in new energy. Our support is enabling investors to make informed decisions and provides reassurance to investment committees that the targets they are looking at are the...
June 8 2020
Don’t get caught out by thinking this is something for the future. It’s happening now. Local optimisation of supply and demand is on the rise, and will accelerate. In this blog I set out the five reasons why.   If you agree with these, and you are in the active in the energy value chain, you need to take an...
an illustration of a letter beside a cup of coffee, glasses and a mobile phone
September 5 2019
How to avoid the fate of Kodak in the energy transition? Kodak didn’t fail because it didn’t know about digital cameras. In fact, it developed one of the first consumer digital cameras and in 2005 was the largest seller of digital cameras in the US. But in 2011 its share price fell by 80%, and...
solar panels and wind turbines in front of blue sky with clouds
July 30 2019
We often get asked questions like “Do you think Amazon will acquire an energy supplier?”, “What will BMW’s EV charging strategy be?” and “Are the oil majors really interested in new energy? and we have a lot to say about each of them. However, given the pace at which the energy transition is happening –...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
The German football team is out of the World Cup. Was it what you expected? Unlikely. Had you predicted this would happen based on the players selected, Joachim Löw’s ability to coach, or the huge investments made to secure a top-tier national squad? Probably not. As we published the ‘New Energy’ Business Model Service’s latest...

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