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The spectre of net zero has long been hovering over the energy industry, but the energy crisis might finally kill off the traditional energy retail business model. This model, predicated on ever-increasing consumption, clashes with today’s objectives of curbing demand, enhancing energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, and protecting customers from price volatility. Riding a swelling...
a car being charged at an electric charging station
August 14 2018
The article examines how oil and gas giant BP, following the path of its industry rival Shell, is venturing into the electric vehicle (EV) market by acquiring Chargemaster, the largest charge point supplier in the U.K. The move signifies a shift in the business models of traditional energy giants towards diversification and the growing EV...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
January 31 2018
In this article, Charmaine Coutinho explores the status of and prospects for peer-to-peer business models, and the implications for the solar PV sector. The growth of peer-to-peer models will have a significant impact on the PV industry, with rapidly growing interest in peer-to-peer energy retail models, and a number of trials and even commercial projects...

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