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Hydrogen renewable energy production - hydrogen gas for clean electricity solar and windturbine facility
February 6 2023
Our team of hydrogen experts reflects on how the hydrogen market is evolving and highlights the five checkpoints to look out for a successful 2023: 7.3 GW of green hydrogen projects waiting to receive FID in 2023 Europe bogged down in getting the rules right while the US powers ahead The first ‘giga-year’ for hydrogen...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
https://youtu.be/Ocn_bEFRqkk Energy systems are being challenged as never before in both the upstream, by the phase out of fossil and scale up of renewables, and the downstream, by the rapid growth in distributed generation and an increasingly active demand side. Market structures will evolve to address these challenges and whole system thinking will become vital...
Horizon Energy Infrastructure
February 21 2022
The energy transition will involve millions of assets in people’s homes: batteries, solar panels, electric vehicles, electric vehicle chargers and more. And while some people may be able to dip their hand in their pocket to finance this, many people won’t. So connecting the world of finance to distributed energy assets will be a key...
High voltage electricity tower
January 13 2022
In 2022, Delta-EE is delighted to be commencing work on the innovative BiTraDER project, which has a total cost of £8.4 million, as a project partner to Electricity North West, Electron and AFRY Management Consulting.   The innovative BiTraDER project to investigate and trial options for a bilateral trading market was awarded funding through Ofgem’s...
Aerial view of windmills in green summer forest in Finland. Wind turbines in a green forest
Delta-EE’s Senior Leadership Team will be sharing their thoughts on where they see the energy transition after the first six months of 2021, and as the world starts to get ready to get back to (almost) normal. They will discuss their thoughts on the latest news in this space, covering topics such as new energy...
February 2 2021
When presenting this question to product managers, engineers, and business developers in market leading companies in the European energy sector, I discovered a world of potential for many different applications; not only in remote areas where they would normally be implemented but also in grid connected spaces with operational needs to be fulfilled. I learned...
November 9 2020
Since our last new energy letter, the European Commission has published its long-awaited Renovation Wave Strategy, revealing of the extent of Europe’s decarbonisation ambitions in existing buildings – arguably the most challenging sector to decarbonise. The renovation wave strategy is making ripples, which could become a tidal wave of transformation for our existing building stock,...
Ballpoint pen lying on documents with graphs and diagrams closeup
November 2 2020
The energy transition has reached a tipping point. Net zero objectives are being passed into law across Europe and elsewhere – even China recently stated it aims to reach net zero by 2060. The private sector is acting too. For example, the RE100 (an organisation comprised of companies committing to purchase 100% renewable electricity) had...

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