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October 12 2023
We recently carried out work with the Flexiblepower Alliance Network (FAN) to understand the opportunity for heat pumps to play in grid flexibility in the Netherlands. With over 300,000 heat pumps installed in the Netherlands, FAN was keen to understand the potential this pool of assets presents to flexibility services and what barriers might exist...
house with lights on against starry night
3rd May 2023 10:00am
This webinar took place on May 3rd at 10am. We discussed why HEM has never been more discussed by the energy industry than it is today. Over the past two years, more and more households have installed solar PV and battery storage against the backdrop of rising electricity prices in Europe. At the same time,...
August 13 2019
Managing domestic energy assets for the benefit of households and networks Homes of the future will increasingly have multiple energy assets such as electric vehicles (EVs), , solar PV and battery storage systems. The MADE (Multi Asset Demand Execution) project is all about understanding how to manage these multiple energy assets in a way that...

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