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People at a Trade Exhibition
June 20 2023
2,469 exhibitors from 57 countries took part in this year’s Smarter E / Intersolar, with a record attendance of 106,000 visitors. The packed exhibition halls certainly confirmed that solar PV, energy storage, EV charging and energy management are among the hottest topics in the European energy transition today. Looking back at the market figures, this...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
March 31 2023
The UK Infrastructure Bank plans to invest as much as £200 million ($246 million) to support power-shortage technologies for the energy transition. Read the full article here. Please note this is behind a paywall.   It was also picked up by: ZhitongCaijing CNFin Kurzycz
Fluence EMMES webinar
https://youtu.be/D7B4odrxykw The EU has announced three major initiatives in recent years that will support and accelerate the energy transition: Fit for 55, NextGenerationEU Covid recovery plan and RePowerEU. These initiatives set ambitious targets for renewable generation, hydrogen, the electrification of heating and transport, and plans to reduce dependence on gas. While these targets will require...
April 29 2022
The article discusses the need for radical approaches to decarbonising domestic heating, particularly in the context of the UK’s growing housing market and net-zero targets. Jeremy Harrison suggests that local microgrids could play a crucial role in supporting energy communities and facilitating the electrification of new homes. As the housing market expands and electrification efforts...
modern battery energy storage system with wind turbines and solar panel power plants in background.
February 10 2022
The European Market Monitor on Energy Storage is the definitive analysis of energy storage markets. Delta-EE produces this report in close partnership with EASE, the European Association for Storage of Energy. The report is based upon primary research with leading companies and stakeholders; market data that companies can rely on; analysis of EU policy and...
July 29 2021
Delta-EE tracks the progress in the transition from old to new energy in its annual State of the Market Report. This study gathers evidence of the shift from selling energy as a commodity to selling new energy products and services. It covers a broad range of product areas, such as eMobility, New Heating, Storage or Smart Buildings...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
April 3 2021
Distribution networks are entering a brave new age. They have done their job excellently in Europe in the previous decades – distributing electricity from the transmission system to households and businesses in an efficient, cost-effective, reliable manner. But the nature of their job is changing radically. In some European countries this change is well underway;...
an energy storage system with wind turbines, solar panels and batteries
Join this webinar to find out: • How has the overall European energy storage market developed over the last 12 months? • What are the trends in three major energy storage segments shaping the market and how will this change in 2021? • How is European policy affecting the market today and shaping it into...

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