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HVAC Worker Installing Electric Heat Pump
June 23 2023
The shift towards renewable energy sources is happening now, and one of the areas where we’re seeing rapid change is in the way we heat our homes. Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular, but there are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding them. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the key challenges facing...
Swimming Pool Heat Pump Maintenance
May 23 2023
A couple of weeks ago I shared my thoughts on engaging consumers with heat pumps – lessons from the Electrification of Heat project1. In this blog, I share some learnings from the next stages of the project: surveying homes and installing heat pumps.   The project was successful in installing almost 750 heat pumps in homes...
Side view of outdoor energy unit hanging on brick wall of house on a sunny day. Air to air heat pump for cooling or heating the home. Outdoor unit powered by renewable energy. Air conditioner and air heat pump.
May 9 2023
Over the last three and a half years, LCP Delta have been delighted to be part of the Electrification of Heat demonstration project. Funded by BEIS (now the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero), the project installed almost 750 heat pumps to better understand the technical and practical feasibility of a large-scale rollout of...
Newly built 3 story apartment and homes estate development in England
March 15 2021
While there’s hardly a rush to use hydrogen heating in new build homes at present, flagship projects are beginning to emerge across Europe that may build the case for the low carbon gas, argues Steven Ashurst, Principal Analyst at Delta-EE in a recent article for H&V News. Read the article here.

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