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modern battery energy storage system with wind turbines and solar panel power plants in background.
February 10 2022
The European Market Monitor on Energy Storage is the definitive analysis of energy storage markets. Delta-EE produces this report in close partnership with EASE, the European Association for Storage of Energy. The report is based upon primary research with leading companies and stakeholders; market data that companies can rely on; analysis of EU policy and...
Close up view of a laptop with a business chart on the screen.
Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, the new energy market in Europe is progressing faster: customer spend in 2020 has increased by 53%, compared to 46% in 2019. This webinar from Delta-EE’s New Energy Business Model Service presents key market metrics and evidence of the shift from selling energy as a commodity to selling new energy products and...
a green globe in front of sunny hills
Most people are familiar with Local Energy Systems such as energy communities which address the needs of households. This webinar will explore the opportunities for Local Energy Systems in the C&I sectors and will present case studies showcasing examples of C&I Local Energy Systems. It will illustrate different applications and business models such as energy...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
There is a buzz about the “Energy as a service” (EaaS) business model in the commercial and industrial energy sector. Interest is being driven by the increasing costs and complexity of C&I energy provision, Corporate Social Responsibility and regulation and incentives. Already in Europe and North America, EaaS is a multi-billion euro market. In an...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
Join this webinar to find out: • Where in Europe is DSF most attractive today? • How do 21 European countries compare against five key metrics for DSF activity? • How is European policy designed to facilitate DSF markets being implemented by member states? During the launch webinar we will share highlights from the 2nd...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
October 10 2020
Businesses who don’t engage now risk getting left behind and being subject to increased costs and challenges to meet overall long-term sustainable goals. While organisations that take control of their energy will open up to new exciting opportunities in reducing costs and become more sustainable. The energy system is undergoing a massive transformation which will...
Financial data analysis graph over world map
The energy system is currently undergoing a transformation of increasing decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation. This means the way in which energy is generated, used and managing is changing and this will profoundly change the way businesses engage with energy. Join Delta-EE and Alpiq for this webinar to find out: • What does this mean for...
Electricity Pylon and Power Lines
Report Summary
January 10 2020
This multi-client research study from Delta-EE is geared towards helping electricity network operators, the flexibility industry and other stakeholders to develop the right strategies for using demand side flexibility. The report includes: The state of the market: insights into the drivers behind demand side flexibility and how these may apply across different markets Case studies profiling 10...

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