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March 1 2021
Europe has built up one of the best gas distribution infrastructures in the world. There’s one problem, though. Today it distributes natural gas, a fuel that will hardly be able to use if we’re to reach net zero targets in the future. So, can we use this infrastructure instead for clean hydrogen, either blended with natural gas as a stepping...
a heat pump in someone’s garden, by the side of their house
December 3 2020
This presentation was given to the Scottish Energy Forum on 3rd December 2020.
Aerial view of windmills in green summer forest in Finland. Wind turbines in a green forest
November 25 2020
It is a sad indictment of humankind that we always seem to feel the need for an adversarial approach to life, particularly when it includes the future of our planet.    We all recognise that there is an urgent need to develop a sustainable energy system, no longer dependent on finite fossil fuels. Given that, one might imagine that we would all be...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
October 15 2018
That’s the question Delta-ee’s upcoming installer research is aiming to answer. The heating system installation market in the UK is currently dominated by small independent local tradespeople. These businesses do both technical work and sales. However, a growing number of digital platforms are emerging where sales are facilitated by a third party. These digital platforms...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
July 10 2018
This study providing cost data for different heating appliances was completed for BEIS (the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy). Learn more about the project on the BEIS website.

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