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Technology battery high power electric energy with a connected charging cable. Battery to electric cars and mobile devices with clean electric, Green renewable energy battery storage future.
September 12 2023
The battery storage market in Great Britain (GB) has been a hotbed of activity, drawing substantial investments and attention. However, 2023 has seen a decline in revenues compared to the remarkable highs of 2021 and 2022, which were driven by unforeseen energy system disruptions and lucrative frequency response products. In this report by LCP Delta,...
Characterless and energy efficient new build modular homes with rooftop solar panels
August 4 2023
If the power in your home cuts out tomorrow, how will that impact you? If you’re working from home your Microsoft Teams call will cut out and, depending on where you are based, you may quickly notice a lack of air conditioning. Then consider your neighbour down the road; if they’re vulnerable, they may have...
Picturesque view of the olive grove. Based on Generative AI
July 17 2023
LCP Delta and Santander have combined their expertise to analyse the opportunity for investment in battery energy storage systems (BESS) in Spain. With a high degree of solar generation in 2030, coupled with limited levels of interconnection, the Spanish market looks set to be a BESS hotbed once policy conditions adapt. LCP Delta and Santander...
Solar energy and wind power stations
Press Release
July 12 2023
12 July 2023 –  Across Europe, over 1.8 million homes installed a solar PV system in 2022, an increase of 64% from the previous year. 455,000 homes also installed a residential battery system – the vast majority of these being installed alongside a new PV system. In total, there are now circa 10 million residential...

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