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Decarbonisation of Heat Service

About the service

The energy system is at an inflection point in what is a once-in-a-generation transition. Governments and private companies around the world are setting ambitious targets for net zero, and increased focus is falling on how to tackle the huge challenge of decarbonising the heating and cooling of our buildings. 

Electrically-driven heating technologies – including heat pumps, and other high efficiency or renewable heat devices – will play a key role in achieving this. They are already seeing dramatic growth in demand, and sales are primed to rise further – and fast – as more governments turn incentives and regulations in their favour and place increasing pressure on the use of fossil fuels. However, electricity is only one part of the solution, particularly in the existing stock where there will be many instances where this option is not compatible physically or technically / overly burdensome financially / disliked by consumers operationally – and this is where the role of decarbonised, high efficiency gas heating comes in.

The future of heating remains uncertain – but in this fast transition, players from energy suppliers to appliance manufacturers to new entrants are increasingly placing low carbon heating technologies at the heart of their offering for ‘new energy’.

LCP Delta’s Decarbonisation of Heat Service provides data, insight, analysis and opinion that enable you to identify, understand and capture current and emerging opportunities in the growing market for low carbon heating technologies (electric and high efficiency gas heating) and services.

Thomas Barquin
Thomas Barquin, Decarbonisation of Heat Manager

“The energy use of buildings is evolving, and the transition towards low carbon heating is gathering pace driven by decarbonisation policies and growing customer demand – creating opportunities for stakeholders along the way.

Electric heating systems, and high efficiency gas heating appliances fed with green gases like biomethane and hydrogen, are all key parts of the puzzle to meet long-term climate targets and decarbonise key building energy loads.

Service brochure and research highlights

Service Summary

LCP Delta - your partner in Decarbonisation of Heat Insight

The Decarbonisation of heat is at the centre of many questions and concerns surrounding the energy transition. Our comprehensive expert insight and research explores key considerations, such as:

  • How are policy and regulations affecting markets for low carbon heating and where are they going?

  • What and where are the evolving opportunities for low carbon heating products and services

  • What is the competitive landscape and how will it change?

  • What products, services and features do I need to capture current and emerging market opportunities?

  • What are the opportunities for ‘smart’, flexible electric heating, and what do I need to capture them? How fast is electrification of heat progressing in the Netherlands – and where are the opportunities

  • What’s the role for natural gas, low carbon gases and hydrogen in a decarbonising, more electrified future?

  • What approaches with hydrogen for heat are emerging, and what ways forward will have the most success?

  • Where are the opportunities for growth in low carbon heating in France? Can recent HP market growth last beyond the current subsidy scheme?

  • How will the opportunities for low carbon heating in Germany change with the recent changes to building regulations

  • What are the opportunities for hybrid heat pumps? When and how will the time come for hybrid heat pumps

  • What refrigerants are going to be the best solution in residential heat pump products for meeting future F-Gas regulations and quotas in Europe?

  • Where are the opportunities for using e-HVAC appliances in Home Energy Management – and what is needed to capture them?

  • How might the rising availability of Chinese heat pump products affect the European heat pump market

  • Decarbonising multi-family buildings: what are the technology options, and what are others offering?

  • What are the key regulations and subsidies driving (or limiting) opportunities for low carbon heating in Europe?

  • What impact might the expansion of district heating in many countries have on the opportunities for individual low carbon heating?

What's included

Essential Decarbonisation of Heat intelligence at your fingertips

By working with our clients on a subscription basis, the full breadth of our extensive research and insight is simple and intuitive to access.
As part of the subscription, you will receive:

Recommended reports and areas of research relevant to your requirements

Insight, opinion and commentary from our experts in the hydrogen team

Dedicated contact time and ad hoc support from our service analysts

Subscriber Benefits

Resources available with a subscription

In-depth reports

Thoroughly researched reports on the most important electrification of heat developments


Reactive reports from our industry experts exploring the latest electrification of heat news and events.


The data you need to make the best decisions for your business, including customer research and company profiles.

Analyst Support

Ad hoc support from our expert team of analysts.

New Energy Summit

Priority entry to our New Energy Summit, giving you the chance to network and learn from industry experts.

Decarbonisation Heating Market Forecast Database

Subscribers can access this database which contains information on the current sales and future forecast sales of electrically-driven heating in key European markets, including Germany, France, UK, Italy and the Netherlands. Includes sales and forecasts for air/water heat pumps, GSHPs, air/air heat pumps, hybrid heat pumps and other electrically driven heating. (Technology breakdown varies by market).


An expansive view of the electrification of heat

Our research extends beyond what’s happening on the ground: we explore how things are changing. From the small details to the big picture, the comprehensive long-term view with which we approach our research equips you with the information and visibility you need to understand the impact of electrification developments on your company.

A multi-level approach to research

Our comprehensive reports and databases are formed using both quantitative and qualitative research. Sources span from authoritative data sets right the way through to deep primary research, talking to people working within the current markets. These layers of research ensure reliable, well-rounded and unbiased information.

Informing your business decisions

Make educated business decisions supported by a wealth of research, insight and expert opinion. Navigate market complexities to define and evolve your business strategy, understand competitors, find the right positioning, and take advantage of emerging opportunities in the electrification of heat.

Peace of mind in a time of uncertainty

There are many unknowns surrounding the current and future of distribution networks. Operate and make decisions with confidence knowing that LCP Delta’s expert distribution networks research team are at the forefront of the research that will support you during the wider energy transition.

Clients & Partners

Who we work with

Our research benefits a wide range of industries and organisations, including, but not limited to:

Energy Suppliers

HVAC manufacturers

Tech Companies


Industry Associations

Service Updates

Keep up-to-date with the latest resources, webinars, news and insights from the Decarbonisation of Heat service.

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