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Heat Research Services

Steven Ashurst, Head of Heat
Steven Ashurst, Head of Heat

There are many critical questions circulating in the heat market surrounding the transition from ‘old’ to ‘new’ energy. Governments are recognising that heating and cooling form a huge share of emissions, resulting in greater policy surrounding decarbonisation and stricter regulations coming into force. Over the next ten years, it’s only going to increase in pace and become even more critical that buildings are heated using renewable or lower emission sources – and companies are going to have to keep up.

Essential electrification of heat intelligence at your fingertips

The intersection of four prominent market trends in the last few years has allowed for the decarbonisation of heat to finally accelerate, and laid the groundwork for success – that is, if players in the market are willing and ready to capitalise on these developments:


backed by committed funding, are being put in place across Europe to drive growth in lower carbon heating systems – and are already impacting end-user decision-making about heating systems.

Public Awareness

of the need for decarbonisation is accelerating.

Innovative technology solutions

are emerging which are increasingly well-suited to existing buildings.

New business models

like Heat as a Service are rapidly evolving, changing the way heat is sold and strengthening the decarbonisation opportunities.

But with growing competition for a share of the prize, there will be challenges ahead. At LCP Delta, our expert, insight-based market research and consulting services empower businesses to capture the most lucrative opportunities presented by this transition, and compete as a key player in the decarbonised heating market.

How is this transition disrupting the market?

New Technology Ecosystems

Old Heat:
Fossil fuel driven, single-use design, stand-alone, analogue, static.

New Heat:
Low carbon, high efficiency, circular economy, connected, digital, flexible

Tightening Carbon Policy & Regulation

Old Heat:
Rules-based, prescriptive, conservative, rigid

New Heat:
Decarbonisation focused, outcomes-based, progressive, agile

New Competitors

Old Heat:
Value chain dominated by incumbents, silots

New Heat:
New entrants e.g. startups and big players from outside energy, partnerships

The Evolving Route to Market

Old Heat:
Manufacturer-wholesaler-installer, installer key interface with customer

New Heat:
Online sales channels, new players e.g. utilities, changing role of installers

New Customer Propositions

Old Heat:
One-off sales, commodity-based, simple value streams, consumption-driven

New Heat:
Service-based business models, multiple value streams, flexibility-driven

The Changing Role of Customers

Old Heat:
Passive, uninformed, consumers

New Heat:
Active, informed prosumers

What's we provide

LCP Delta Heat Research Services

Our Heating Business Research subscription service provides you with access to leading market research and analysis, exploring how new value propositions, changing routes to market and new entrants are disrupting the heating sector.

This research supports subscribers to:

  • Make strategic decisions about the current customer propositions to offer.
  • Develop successful customer propositions for different segments based on independent customer research and analysis.
  • Track the evolving competitive landscape for heating propositions and decide how to position their businesses.
  • Navigate changes in sales channels and define the impact this could have on the heating value chain.
  • Keep on top of important industry developments and understand what they mean for their businesses.
  • Identify ‘new heat’ business models emerging across Europe and how they capture value from them.
  • Learn about the new entrants in the market threatening heating industry incumbents.
  • Understand how significantly the transition to ‘new heat’ will impact the heating business value chain.

Find out more

One of the big six UK utilities commissioned LCP Delta to carry out industry research on low carbon heat.

This included upskilling their internal knowledge to support them in identifying the key activities, business models and propositions they should take forward in the next 1-3 years.

Paperwork and hands on a board room table at a business presentation or seminar.

Subscriber Benefits

Resources available with a heat research subscription

In-depth reports

Country reports analysing the status and outlook of different heating technologies in addition to focus reports analysing strategic topics of interest.


Delta-EE’s assessment of recent industry developments for exclusive expert insight.


Databases of facts and figures behind the reports.


Ad hoc support from our analysts to discuss and answer your questions. This also includes access to webinar briefings to share and discuss our latest research.

New Energy Summit

Priority entry to our New Energy Summit, giving you the chance to network and learn from industry experts.

Clients & Partners

Who we work with

The research is aimed at a range of stakeholders in the heating industry, from manufacturers to energy suppliers. It supports people in innovation, development and product management roles.

Strategy, Innovation, Propositions, Marketing, Market Intelligence, Solutions Development

Product Manufacturers

Energy Suppliers

Service Providers

Component Suppliers

Why LCP Delta?

LCP Delta is the leading provider of insight in the energy transition. Our research is based on broad, deep expertise, with research topics driven by subscriber interest.

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