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EV Charging Service

Insights, data & market intelligence to help you succeed

EV Driver Survey Report 2023

With insights gathered from nearly 25,000 EV drivers across six European countries, the report represents a close collaboration between Shell Recharge Solutions and the EV Team at LCP Delta.

In a rapidly evolving market like EV charging, understanding the voice of the customer is absolutely crucial. Find out what’s driving mass EV adoption in 2023, understand why interoperability is a challenge – and a priority – for EV drivers, and explore the increasing role of smart charging in the transition to electric.

About the service

Recent advancements in EV and eMobility technology have triggered a fundamental shift across a wide range of sectors, particularly energy, automotive and oil. Consequently, interest, investment and expansion into the EV charging market have increased, as many companies adapt their activities in response to an emerging electric world.

But new sectors come with challenges: there can be a significant lack of readily available data and experience to develop considered strategies, business models and customer propositions with. Where data and research is accessible, there’s simply not enough of it.

Electric car at a charging station
John Murray - Head of EVs
John Murray Head of EVs

Electrification of transport, growth in distributed energy, and growth of mobility services are colliding. This is bringing large-scale disruption and a collision of industries.

Coupled with this, the emerging EV charging market is complex – a mix of infrastructure, services, charging in different locations and more.

Together, these trends bring a host of opportunities – and challenges. They’re fundamentally reshaping the relationship between energy and customers.

Service Summary

Helping businesses to develop their position and activities in the rapidly growing eMobility market

At LCP Delta, our goal is to determine what the future looks like for the EV charging industry, whether that’s today, tomorrow or in 10 years’ time, whilst increasing the speed of the energy transition in the market. Through in-depth research, data analysis, expert market insight and a finger on the pulse of key players and innovators in the space, we work with our clients on a subscription basis to answer their questions and uncertainties:

  • Where and how are customers charging, and how will this evolve?
  • What is the size of the EV charging market and how is it segmented?
  • What are the leading innovations and best practices in EV charging?
  • Where are they being adopted and how quickly?
  • What is the competitor landscape for different markets, roles and segments, and how will this evolve?
  • Where is the value in the market today and how will this change over time?
  • How will EV chargepoint installation grow over the coming decade?
  • How are home charging behaviours evolving?
  • How is the market building EV tariff propositions?
  • What solutions are emerging for commercial customers?
  • What technologies are going to disrupt the growth of public charging?
  • What are the opportunities and emerging business models for electric buses?
  • How is the European e-mobility market consolidating?
  • How are EV charging, storage and flexibility products and services competing across Europe?

So whether you’re a smart home provider looking for your next target market, or a network company needing to keep up-to-date with the developing flexibility market, we’ll work with you to find the answers and insight you need.

Service brochure and research highlights

What's Included

LCP Delta: Your Partners in EV Charging Strategy Innovation

With the help of our subscription model, accessing the information you need has never been easier. As part of this subscription, you will:

  1. Be guided through the customer portal with a demonstration of how to use the service features.
  2. Be signposted to reports and areas of research that are relevant to your requirements.
  3. Benefit from insight, opinion and commentary from our team of expert analysts.
  4. Have dedicated contact time with analysts throughout the year.
  5. Receive ad hoc support from our energy experts.
  6. Be actively engaged in the LCP Delta research pipeline: the research we conduct annually is guided by the real questions, requirements and research gaps of our subscribers.

Subscriber Benefits

Resources available with a subscription

In-depth reports

Thoroughly researched reports on the most important connected home and smart home developments.


Reactive, insightful reports from our industry experts exploring the latest connected home news and events.


The data you need to make the best decisions for your business, including customer research and company profiles.

Company & Project Profiles

Case studies investigating the business models and customer propositions of companies in the energy space.

Analyst Support

Ad hoc support from our expert team of analysts.

New Energy Summit

Priority entry to our New Energy Summit, giving you the chance to network and learn from industry experts.

Electric Vehicles Charging Provider Database

Our subscribers benefit from the Electric Vehicles Charging Provider Database – a resource unique to LCP Delta EV Charging Research. Our knowledge of the market has allowed us to create a comprehensive list of who’s who in the industry and offer insights to our subscribers that they can’t find elsewhere.

This database can be used to:

  • Define the key roles in EV charging
  • Look up particular companies and organisations
  • Understand who is participating in which territories
  • Discover partnerships, acquisitions and investments.

The four pillars of LCP Delta EV Charging research

Your innovation team

We operate as an extension of your company, helping you to understand what the important questions are for your business today and in the future, and strategize on the answers. Our clients come back again and again because we’re both a data provider and an insight and opinions-based service.

Cutting-edge market insight

Our analysts continuously monitor changes and developments in the EV charging market: from the latest technology to customer feeling, their market insight covers a number of areas to ensure that the research you receive is at the forefront of advancements in the EV charging space.

Research inspired by your requirements

Research is conducted in annual cycles that focus on a particular area of EV charging. This area is selected based on our market forecasts and the real questions, requirements and research gaps of our subscribers.

From the big picture to the important details

We ensure that our data doesn’t sit in silos so that both Analysts and subscribers alike have a broad overview of wider market factors and access to a range and combination of resources that answer more nuanced questions.

The 3 EV Charging Research Methodologies of LCP Delta

Primary customer research:
This includes an annual EV owner survey across several markets, helping us to understand and predict customer behaviour.

Qualitative data:
We regularly speak with leading innovators and disruptors in the EV charging space to understand their feelings towards market developments and receive expert reviews around forecast charge data.

Quantitative data:
All of our primary customer research is tested against qualitative data, including how and where customers are charging EV, the number of chargepoints and locations predicted in the next 10 years and the size of the market, its growth and how it’s segmented.

home electric car charging with solar power and wind power turbine in the background

Service Updates

Keep up-to-date with the latest resources, webinars, news and insights from the EV Charging Research service.

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