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Subscription Research Services

LCP DELTA: Your Partner in Energy Research

Our subscription research services for the energy transition allows you to develop the best strategies, business models and customer propositions for the energy transition.

At LCP Delta, we are immersed in new energy and the energy transition. Since 2004, our subscription research has always focused on the developing energy sector and what that means for businesses within the energy space and further afield. We have 17 years’ experience in the energy industry. 

We’re passionate about helping new energy succeed faster and helping companies, policy makers, governments and cities achieve their net zero goals.

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Our subscription research services are provided by dedicated research teams that conduct primary research into new energy markets in Europe and globally. These services deliver deep expertise on the most important areas of new energy and the energy transition.

Over the course of a yearly subscription, subscribers will have access to:

New Energy Summit


Discover the latest trends and innovations across Europe to support clients through the crisis and accelerate the energy transition. This is an unparalleled opportunity to connect with like-minded energy professionals and gain invaluable insights.

Contact our Analysts 


Our team takes pleasure in discussing our research with our customers and providing them with valuable insights. With our analysts well-established connections to industry leaders, they can provide you with the precise information you require, and our team is always happy to offer their insights.

Training Courses


You’ll love the hands-on approach of our training programmes. Our training professionals will guide you through the fundamentals of the energy transition market and current strategies to help you understand where opportunities for your business lie. 

Subscriber-Only Content


Our subscriber portal offers a comprehensive range of resources to help businesses navigate the new energy industry. From in-depth reports, viewpoints, databases, company profiles, and analyst support. Our expert team provides the data and insights needed to make informed business decisions.

Our services

We have a range of subscription research services available to suit your business needs.

Connected Home

Designed to help anyone who needs to make decisions in this space to have top of the art data, insights and opinions about the market

Distributed Power

Provides data, analysis, insights and opinion on the markets, opportunities, customer types and competitor types

Decarbonisation of Heat

Enables you to identify, understand and capture current and emerging opportunities in the growing market for low carbon heating technologies

Energy Insights+

The consumption data and interface for residential energy customer to access and benefit from – lies at the heart of many customer engagement strategies

Energy Storage

Rapidly emerged as a technology that can deliver value to customers and the electricity system alike. But this value is not always straightforward to realise

EV Charging

Determine what the future looks like for the EV charging industry, whether that’s today, tomorrow or in 10 years’ time


Set to play a major role in the transition to new energy. Advances in technology, data analytics and electricity market regulation are opening a wide array of opportunities

Heating Business

The transition from ‘old heat’ to ‘new heat’ is disrupting the market. We'll help you navigate these challenges in order to capture new opportunities

Home Energy Management

The development of the HEM market in Europe has raised questions linked to business opportunities, technical issues, customers and more

Hydrogen Intelligence

Cut through the hype to provide market clarity and direction as we lean into the energy transition

New Energy Business Models

Simplify complexity and help subscribers identify, develop and grow new ideas and propositions

Solar PV

How has the current state of the Solar PV market in Europe evolved, what the current trends are, and what opportunities show the most promise

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