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Report and Database – The New Energy Consumer: Who Are They and What Do They Want?

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The data hub to understand consumer attitudes and preferences on innovative energy propositions in Europe Delta-EE presents an ambitious study looking at consumer attitudes and behaviours towards 52 innovative energy products and services across Europe, across six key European countries and six attitudinal groups. Do you want data that challenges or validates or inspires your […]

Addressing decarbonisation at the grid edge: a whitepaper with Siemens

Decarbonisation is a critical transition that is affecting all businesses in the commercial and industrial sector and is reshaping the foundations of the energy industry. A key driver of this transition is policy, spearheaded on a global scale by the Paris Agreement. A new public whitepaper, based on recent expert insight and market interviews and […]

Flexibility services for Distribution System Operators (DSOs)

Electricity Pylon and Power Lines

This multi-client research study from Delta-EE is geared towards helping electricity network operators, the flexibility industry and other stakeholders to develop the right strategies for using demand side flexibility. The report includes: The state of the market: insights into the drivers behind demand side flexibility and how these may apply across different markets Case studies profiling 10 […]

Too Hot To Handle

Policy Exchange’s report highlights that the previous Government’s plan to decarbonise heating by fitting electric heat pumps in most homes by 2050 would cost about £300 billion. Delta-EE conducted the research for this report, but did not do the policy spin conclusions.

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