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Power Market Modelling and Revenue Forecasting

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The global electricity landscape is changing dramatically. 

The drive towards decarbonisation has introduced innovative support mechanisms for low carbon energy, capacity markets, and an expanded range of significant ancillary service markets. Traditional energy sources are now integrated alongside intermittent renewables, demand-side response, and storage technologies. Consequently, electricity market modelling must evolve to match this dynamic landscape. 

At LCP Delta, we are at the forefront of power market forecasting. For over a decade, we have been entrusted with providing the UK Government with its central long-term power market modelling capability, as well as providing key support to National Grid and Ofgem in assessing the impact of policy and regulatory change.  

Our expertise extends to supporting lenders, investors and asset owners to make strategic decisions and assess the impact of policy on their investments across the UK and Ireland. We support with market forecasting, revenue stacking, asset valuation, dispatch optimisation, auction bidding strategies and policy impact analysis. Our clients include generators, suppliers, investors, strategists, traders and policy analysts. 

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Fundamentals first



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How we provided a client with detailed analysis of locational balancing opportunities available to a storage asset in different geographical regions of GB.
How we helped a client assess the value of adding battery storage to an existing generation portfolio.
National Grid enlisted the expertise of LCP Delta to develop a method for calculating incremental Equivalent Firm Capacities (EFCs) for wind and solar plants.
Highlights LCP Delta's expertise in evaluating specific wind assets for investors and generation owners in Great Britain (GB) and Ireland. Our modelling framework allows for the projection of generation profiles, achieved prices, and imbalance costs for individual wind assets.

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