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Current+ - Renewables generate record 41.5% of UK electricity in 2022

New statistics released by the UK government today (27 July) confirm that renewables generated a record 41.5% (135TWh) of the UK’s electricity in 2022.

According to the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero’s (DESNZs) Digest of UK Energy Statistic Annual data for UK, 2022 reportrenewable generation just outstripped gas which produced 40.8% (132.8TWh) of the UK’s electricity mix last year.

Rajiv Gogna, partner at LCP Delta added: “These numbers point towards the continued positive momentum of the UK switching its energy system over to renewables with more and more wind, solar and other sources increasing our capacity every week. So far this year (2023) we have seen similar generation figures for wind, staying above 24%, while solar has increased slightly over the first seven months to 5%.”

Emphasising the benefits that increasing renewable generation can offer consumers, Gogna continued: “Looking behind these headline numbers of renewable generation is what this means for consumers. In recent weeks we have witnessed the UK break into negative intraday and day ahead pricing due to the abundance of renewable energy available on the grid, including a day where prices were negative for most of the day. These instances will becoming increasingly frequent in the future, especially while storage can’t pick up the surplus, and means that consumers who can gain exposure to these prices through innovative tariffs can take advantage of these low prices at home. Renewable energy is not only a greener and cheaper form of energy and cuts bills for consumers but will increasingly result in negative pricing scenarios which create opportunities for people to save money.”

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