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Energy Economics and Finance

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As the energy sector transitions away from carbon intensive fuels to an increasingly renewable and flexible grid, there will be significant opportunities for those firms with the right business plan. 

Our expert Energy Economics and Finance team at LCP Delta will be able to support you navigate the complex world of energy policies and regulation; translating complex economic dynamics into actionable insights and helping you identify the challenges and opportunities of the most recent changes in the market. 

Our team is comprised of experts who have held unique positions within industry, UK and European Government, energy regulators and trade bodies. We combine this experience with deep sector understanding to provide you with current and comprehensive perspectives on investment opportunities, policy development, and provide predictions on market movements to help shape your strategic planning. We work closely with LCP’s Investment team to bring these skillsets under one offering to clients and help drive investment into the energy transition. We also work alongside our power market forecasting team to ensure our revenue forecasts are reflecting the latest movements in policy and regulation, and to provide you with data-driven insight. 

We support clients in a number of ways. Recent projects have included: due diligence on behalf of a bank for a transaction involving a major UK flexible power developer; reports providing in-depth analysis of market dynamics including GB Contracts for Difference (CfD) and Capacity Market results; analysing and designing market structures; wholesale market trend assessment and analysis; and, an assessment for an investor consortium on the proposed move to ‘cost plus revenue’ and its impact on their fund. 

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Sam Hollister, Head of Economics and Finance

The energy sector is undergoing radical transformation through decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitalisation. This is having a profound impact on how different government’s design energy policy, how industry participants engage with the sector and plan for the future, and how investors identify and value opportunities.  

Our experiences across industry and from within the heart of European and UK government policy making provides us with a deep market insight that means we can support clients find the opportunities from the energy transformation. I am particularly proud of our work with colleagues from LCP’s own investment team that supports our aim to directly influence investments to meet a lower carbon world. 

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