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Policy Makers and Associations

LCP Delta helps a range of policy makers and shapers including government departments, associations, NGOs, and agencies, to understand the complexity of the energy transition, bringing together the knowledge from across many sectors which is required to develop coherent and robust policy options.

We have supported policy makers in several areas to understand the changing customer and how new types of services and products will impact the way that customers use energy. This draws together our market research and forecasting with a technical understanding of the energy system.

We help decision-makers understand changing energy demands under a range of policy scenarios reflecting different commercial and regulatory drivers, strategic options around the decarbonisation of heat and transport, sectors to target and the impacts of policy making on the existing energy system.

We assess national capability in different technical areas to map export niches and identify suitable markets to develop new trading options, and review national and international best practice across a number of technical and commercial areas.

European union flag against parliament in Brussels, Belgium
Andy Bradley, Director
Andy Bradley, Partner

The energy transition presents a major challenge to policymakers, requiring connections to be made between historically disparate sectors. Previously, the top-down system could be considered in a number of separate silos, but interconnectivity within and across energy systems requires a much more holistic view.

Drivers for energy now often come from outside of the traditional energy sector, and opportunities presented to customers by new services will increasingly challenge the existing policy approaches.

As established experts in this space, LCP Delta can really support organisations in navigating this challenge.

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