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Network Companies

LCP Delta supports both Electricity and Gas Distribution Network Operators with the difficult decisions they need to make as the energy market transitions from old energy to new energy.

Network companies need to know when and where new demand and supply loads will appear and need visibility of the new energy stakeholders entering the market.

We help network companies understand and solve a wide range of challenges, from understanding the impact of the electrification of heat and EV charging on their networks (especially on low voltage networks), to identifying the role of new technologies and contributing to the understanding of how cross-sector use between gas and electricity can benefit networks. This includes options for flexibility and energy storage.

High-voltage power lines. Electricity distribution station. high voltage electric transmission tower. Distribution electric substation with power lines and transformers
Solar panels with wind turbines and electricity pylon at sunset

Our projects explore the transition from traditional network operators to system operators and support companies in understanding what future engagement with customers might look like, both within and beyond the current regulated frameworks.

We work with network companies helping them to understand customers and how evolving customer behaviour will impact their networks, to identify what business models will be important in the future and the role of network operators within them, support networks with their investment planning with forecasting and modelling, and help networks to navigate regulatory frameworks and the implications of them.

Andrew Turton - Head of Operations
Andrew Turton, Head of Consulting

Network companies are facing new challenges that are threatening the status quo.

New loads on the network, a rapidly changing shape of the demand profiles, more engaged customers who are interacting in a different way, and a shift in the sort of loads, like renewables, that are on the network are all issues that need to be considered and planned for today. 

We help our clients to understand the breadth of the challenge and provide deep insight into their potential future role.

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Discover the transformative impact of gas network modelling on efficient gas network management. Harness the power of advanced modelling techniques for accurate predictions, optimal decision-making, and improved operational performance, leading to cost savings and enhanced reliability.

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