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Market and Revenue Forecasting

LCP Delta provide investors, asset owners and generators with detailed market and revenue forecasts of the GB and Irish power markets, to support invesment decisions, due diligence and ongoing strategic monitoring.

The energy landscape is shifting rapidly as the route to Net Zero presents challenges and opportunities.

Our detailed forecasts provide market participants with an in-depth view of asset revenues across a range of scenarios to invest with confidence. Our modelling is trusted by key decision makers, including the UK Government where we provide their primary long-term power market forecasting tools.

We provide due diligence for all technologies that will power the energy transition such as storage, flexible generation, renewables and hydrogen. These include revenue and network charging forecasts, as well as a policy and regulatory macro-outlook.

The interaction of different technologies, threats of cannibalisation, evolution of new system services and impact of location are key factors in project-specific financing. We model specific projects to give investors the most informed view of the opportunities and sensitivities around their projects, including the changing network costs projects will face and reports on the wider market.

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