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New Energy Investors and Innovators

As the energy market transitions from old to new energy we are seeing new entrants, innovators and disrupters entering the energy market.

LCP Delta can quickly upskill these organisations, provide deep insights and robust data quickly, and offer a reliable view of the direction of the market based on many years of research on this topic. This helps these organisations to build their market entry strategy and informs their planning & investment decision making.

We provide a variety of support to new entrants and innovators including helping them understand the nature of the opportunity today – in terms of product, propositions, markets and competition. We also help these companies understand the future pathway for a particular technology, business model or market and the factors that will influence this, aiding them in differentiating between products and technologies, understanding and developing their value proposition, and understanding risk factors and other metrics to support a market entry strategy.

Our work includes competitor analysis and partnership screening.

Business document report on paper and tablet with sales data and financial business growth graph on table background.
financial stock market graph on technology abstract background

We support investors in understanding the realistic outlook for technologies and markets – building on years of experience in this sector – to support their decision making on investments in the new energy space.

We provide a wealth of robust and up to date data and insights to support these decisions. Projects are commissioned on a bespoke basis and tailored to each individual client.

Typically, our projects include a mixture of customer & installer research, technology sales forecasting, market research, sizing the value of markets, policy and technology tracking, economic modelling and an understanding of commercial customer decision-making.

John Slowe, Director of Delta-EE
Jon Slowe, Partner

Disruption creates opportunities and there is no shortage of opportunities as the transition from old to new energy gathers pace. These opportunities are attracting a wide variety of companies – from large corporations from adjacent verticals to private equity players and start-ups backed by venture capital.

We can help investors and innovators understand where to invest, who to partner with, and how to maximise collaborations – as well as getting them up to speed quickly on a breadth of new energy topics.

CAse Studies

Examples of our insight and collaboration

Traffic trails in Financial District
LCP Delta supported a green investor looking to invest in a regional Energy Efficiency provider and transform them into a national energy manager covering full spectrum of customer segments.
Four people's silhouettes on mountain top looks at sunset
LCP Delta supported impact investment fund in understanding the Connected Home market in Europe and tado°’s positioning. The project led to a €55 million investment in smart home player tado°, in series H.
View upwards of a modern facade of an office building and trees
LCP Delta provided commercial due diligence to an investment manager looking to invest in the low-carbon transition; offering assurance regarding the market, business model, and value of savings.

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