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Energy Companies

LCP Delta supports UK, European and global energy companies with the difficult decisions they need to make as the energy market transitions from old energy to new energy.

Energy companies need to know how consumption will evolve in the future and how customer needs and behaviours will change in order to adapt and engage customers with new energy offerings.

We help energy companies understand and solve a wide range of challenges such as understanding and analysing the impact of the electrification of heat and EV charging on their customers and their core business – selling energy – and identify their future role in this.

Hand holding light bulb against nature on green leaf with icons energy sources for renewable, sustainable development.
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We support energy companies in understanding the evolving value chain and where they should be active within it, including strategy for market entry for new technologies, products or service offerings.

We identify value pools for energy companies and potential strategic options for energy companies to target, from service provision to selling technology – what should energy companies do, who they should target and what business models should they adopt.

Our projects explore the customer relationship – how to improve customer retention, utilise data and see off competition from new entrants and energy market disrupters. We help identify, understand and benchmark potential partners and routes to market in the rapidly changing, crowded market.

Stephen Harkin
Stephen Harkin, Head of Consulting Business Development

Energy companies face difficult decisions as the market transitions, and they face up to a changing energy landscape. A future with better educated and more engaged customers, falling power consumption and potentially a transformation in tariffs and billing behaviours means it is important for them to stay ahead of the curve.

The companies we work with want to be market leaders and recognise how critical it is for them to adopt the right technologies, behaviours and business models now to stay ahead of nimble new entrants.

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