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Battery Storage

Battery storage is set to play a significant role on the route to net zero. Its ability to balance supply and demand, both by responding quickly to frequency events and by shifting energy across the day, are crucial. 

Investing in and operating battery storage assets is significantly more complex than conventional assets. Forecasting long term battery storage revenues requires an approach that appreciates the technical capabilities of batteries, the changing market dynamics on the path to net zero, the impact of competition and the different short-term markets that batteries can operate in. 

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We are experts in forecasting the revenues of battery storage assets

Our approach captures the full range of revenues available to battery storage, while appreciating the realities of revenue stacking through our work with traders and not over or underestimating the value that battery storage can bring. 

Our battery storage modelling is used extensively by investors, developers and lenders to forecast revenue streams of individual storage assets across a range of scenarios, including the impact of location and co-location. 

In addition, our unique breadth of experience allows us to help our clients with the full lifespan of the asset, and to understand the risks and opportunities in investing in and operating battery storage. In addition to our forecasting services, we provide:  

  • STOREcast supports in-house analysts with running profile optimisation and those operating onsite batteries. 
  • Our live industry leaderboards which allow market analysts to stay on top of and benchmark storage performance and strategy instantly. 
  • Enact is used by traders and optimisers on the ground to maximise the potential of battery storage assets in the multiple traded markets available. 
  • STOREtrack provides continuously updated detailed data on energy storage projects throughout Europe through an intuitive web-based interface, enabling users to identify and track opportunities, analyse market trends, see the competition and potential partners.  STOREtrack gives you complete transparency on who owns, operators, develops, and finances battery storage projects across the EU. 
  • Our Flexibility Research Service offers key data, in-depth analysis, and expert insights to help you identify and capitalise on the burgeoning opportunities presented by the increasing demand for flexibility. 
  • In addition, our Energy Storage Research Service empowers subscribers to stay abreast of the dynamic policies, regulations, and trends in European energy storage markets. 
Gurpal Ruprai, Senior Consultant

Battery storage represents one of the most exciting opportunities for investors and operators in the power market at the moment. There are a lot of factors to get right to maximise the success of a project, including the impact of location, running strategy, ability to co-locate with renewable generation and intrinsic asset optimisation. 

Our modelling team work closely with our Enact team to understand real trading strategies and behaviours, as well as our pan-European storage team on understanding the range of opportunities available to give our clients the most informed view possible.

How we can help

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