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Powering the Future: Top 10 Episodes of Talking New Energy an LCP Delta podcast


Explore the most informative and captivating episodes of the Talking New Energy - a podcast by LCP Delta, where industry experts discuss ground-breaking innovations and sustainable solutions in the world of renewable energy and technology.

As we look back on the remarkable journey of Talking New Energy, we are thrilled to present our top 10 podcast episodes. From game-changing initiatives by major oil companies like BP at the grid edge to the exploration of hydrogen boilers and industrial-scale heat pumps, each episode has been a testament to the exciting possibilities of the energy transition. Join us once again as we revisit these enlightening conversations.

1. BP’s Lightsource Labs at the grid edge

In this episode, we delve into the intriguing ways major oil companies, like BP, are embracing the energy transition. Specifically, we explore BP’s involvement through Lightsource Labs, a subsidiary that develops large-scale solar projects with a focus on the ‘grid edge’ and residential customer solutions. Jon Slowe, the host, is joined by Ann Davies, COO of Lightsource BP; Charlie Vey, Head of International Development at Lightsource Labs, and LCP Delta expert, Charmaine Coutinho, as they discuss BP’s initiatives and products for a cleaner energy future.

2. Integrating heat pumps into the electricity system: TenneT and Viessmann on the leading edge

In this episode, we explore the impact of heat pumps and distributed energy on the grid and how smart control of these appliances can address demands and contribute to grid balancing. Join Jon Slowe with guests from TenneT and Viessmann to learn about the innovative initiative in Germany optimising millions of heat pumps for a sustainable energy future.

3. Hydrogen boilers: how much of a challenge?

In this episode, we delve into the potential future of hydrogen flowing through gas pipes into our homes, necessitating boilers that can run on hydrogen for heating, along with hydrogen-powered fuel cells or heat pumps. Jon Slowe hosts the discussion with Tom Collins, Hydrogen Lead at Bosch Thermotechnology and Jon Phillips, Group Product Manager at BDR Thermea, two leading boiler manufacturers in Europe and Head of Heat at LCP Delta, Steven Ashurst.

4. Heat batteries, scaling up, and Sunamp

In this episode, we’re looking at the topic of storing heat. As we use more renewable heat and electrify more heat, decoupling the timing of heat demand from when it’s produced is going to be more and more important. Jon is joined by two guests – Andrew Bissell, CEO of heat battery company Sunamp, and Klara Ottosson, one of our experts on the topic here at LCP Delta.

5. The role of hydrogen in the energy transition, with Nel Hydrogen

In this episode we’ll be talking with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrolysers, Norwegian company Nel Hydrogen, exploring what life is like for them given the rapidly rising interest in hydrogen, and their plans and views on the future. Host Jon Slowe is joined by Raluca Leordeanu, VP of Business Development at Nel Hydrogen.

6. Large heat pumps for industry and district heating

In this episode, we shift our focus from residential-scale heat pumps to explore the vital role of industrial-scale heat pumps in decarbonising heat across Europe. With industrial heat demand closely following that of buildings, decarbonisation becomes equally crucial in the industrial sector. Join host Jon Slowe as he engages in a discussion with Jonas Loholm Hamann and Drew Turner from Danfoss, Dave Pearson from Star Refrigeration to uncover the potential of heat pumps in revolutionising the industrial landscape.

7. How do we become profitable from public charging?

In this week’s episode, our host Jon Slowe and Abhishek Sampat from our Electric Vehicle Charging team talk to Ole Henrik Hannisdahl, CEO of Mer Norway, discussing how to be a profitable public charging provider, customer interactions, experiences, revenue models and key trends in internationalising a public charging network.

8. Developing EV charging propositions – an energy retailer perspective

In this episode, we talk with two energy retailers about how they are helping customers how to get started with their first electric vehicle – how to find the best tariff, how to get a wallbox and more. They also discuss their plans for their role in the coming collision between energy and mobility. Host Jon Slowe is joined by Goncalo Castelo Branco, Director of Smart Mobility at Portuguese energy retailer EDP; Tom Hart, Head of Portfolio for Energy Management and EVs at British Gas, part of Centrica, in the UK; and Head of EVs, John Murray.

9. Smarter grids in action

In this episode, we delve into smart grids and the integration of distributed assets into energy systems. Witness the remarkable changes in electricity networks over the past two decades, and explore the ongoing transformation with experts from Sotiris Georgiopoulos from UK Power Networks, Graham Ault from Smarter Grid Solutions, and Head of Storage and Flexibility, Jon Ferris.

10. How utilities are re-inventing their digital infrastructures

In this episode, we explore how incumbent utilities are reinventing their digital infrastructures to adapt to the evolving energy system and changing customer needs. Join host Andy Bradley, standing in for Jon Slowe, in conversation with Wytse Kaastra, Managing Director of Accenture, as they discuss how utilities are transforming their interactions with customers and wholesale markets through CRM and billing system redevelopment and new digital platforms. Discover the challenges they face and their experiences so far in offering innovative services to the market.


Thank you for embarking on this incredible journey through the top 10 episodes of Talking New Energy with us. We hope you found these conversations inspiring and educational, showcasing the potential and challenges of the energy transition. Your support and engagement have been the fuel that drives us forward, and we would love to hear your thoughts!

Please take a moment to follow and rate us on your favourite podcast platform. Your feedback is invaluable and helps us improve and bring you more captivating content. Stay connected with us for updates on upcoming episodes, exciting guests, and the latest energy trends.

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