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Navigating the Energy Transition: 1KOMMA5° and the Future of Residential PV Solutions


Discover how 1KOMMA5° is revolutionising the residential PV market and driving the energy transition and find out why our industry expert, Dina Darshini sees a bright future for residential PV and home solutions.

The energy transition is a rapidly evolving landscape that is changing the way we think about energy. The solar market, in particular, has seen significant growth in recent years, with companies like 1KOMMA5° leading the charge in Europe. Jannik Schall, co-founder and CPO of 1KOMMA5°, learned about the challenges of the energy storage market while working at Sonnen. This experience taught him the importance of connecting decentralised assets to build virtual power plants.

The Rise of Virtual Power Plants and the Evolution of the Residential PV Market

1KOMMA5° is a young company founded in 2021, but it has already expanded to four countries with plans for more markets to follow. The company’s DNA is focused on installation and creating a broader platform to connect the best products and technologies. It has acquired close to 30 installation businesses and now operates about 40 to 45 locations with over 1,000 employees. 1KOMMA5° sees an opportunity to consolidate the market further, particularly for mid-sized installers facing increasing pressure from both smaller and larger players.

The residential photovoltaic (PV) market is evolving with the creation of virtual power plants and increasing overlap between the PV and energy markets. The key to unlocking the potential of this market is to create compelling, integrated solutions that guide customers through the process of decarbonising their energy usage. While larger players may prioritise a one-size-fits-all approach, smaller companies are experiencing significant growth with their modular and scalable solutions. However, their ability to handle this growth and offer a seamless customer experience is hindered by a lack of digital tools and organisation within the value chain.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Growth: Digital Tools and Organisation in the Value Chain

There are still challenges that lie ahead for the energy transition. Scaling quickly enough to meet growing demand is a significant challenge, and there are many challenges along the value chain that need to be addressed, including the supply chain and building software that can scale quickly. Despite these challenges, industry experts see great potential in the residential PV and home solution space. The market is still in its infancy, and companies that can deliver on the entire proposition in a way that is easy to understand and has the potential to be a status symbol will be the most successful in the future.

In conclusion, the energy transition is about execution, and 1KOMMA5° is focused on the last mile challenge of getting things installed. By building alliances with other players in the market and recruiting the necessary experts to perform installations, 1KOMMA5° is helping to drive the energy transition forward and create a more sustainable future for all. The residential PV and home solution space is poised for significant growth in the coming years, with the market becoming more competitive, and companies needing to stand out and deliver on the entire proposition. Despite the challenges, the future looks bright for the residential PV and home solution space.



Listen to the podcast episode “In conversation with… Jannik Schall, 1KOMMA5°” to gain a deeper understanding of 1KOMMA5°’s role in driving the energy transition and to stay informed about the future of residential PV and home solutions and how the

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