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Meet the Trainer Series: Lucinda Murley, Trainer on our Flexibility Course


Welcome to the first instalment of our captivating blog series, "Meet the Trainer Q&A"! In this edition, we have the pleasure of introducing Lucinda Murley. Gain insights into her expertise, experiences, and the importance of flexibility in today's energy landscape.

Introduction to Lucinda Murley

Lucinda Murley, also known as Lucy, is the Flexibility Research Service Manager and a technical expert at LCP Delta. With her profound knowledge of European flexibility markets and contributions as the lead author for the renowned smartEN/LCP Delta Flexibility Market Monitor, Lucy has earned international recognition as a sought-after speaker at prestigious conferences and summits.


Q. Lucy, what do you think the most critical issue is in flexibility at the moment?

A. If we are talking specifically about demand-side flexibility I would say ensuring participation to value streams is open and fair – not just to the assets but also to ensure long term efficiency of the networks. We are moving away from specific value streams designed for one asset class to one where all assets have the legal ability to participate but there is more to be done.

We get a lot of questions about residential flexibility and when its time will come. Shifting policy and capability to enable the participation of residential assets is a large but important task. Learning from experience is really helpful and there aren’t that many experienced people in residential flexibility. We have been fortunate to have looked at this market holistically and work with some amazing start up, corporates and policy makers in the area.


Q. If you could explain one thing about flexibility to the wider, non-expert market what would it be?

A. There is no one size fits all for flexibility! It’s important to understand the different complexities of each value stream and how these differ both within and between countries.

I think it’s crucial for pretty much everyone working in the electricity sector at the moment, not least in the next 5 years.


Q. Finally, what do you love about our training courses?

A. We spend a lot of time with people who have deep knowledge on one particular area – be that energy or non-energy related. These training courses allow this deep expertise to be put into context in the wider flexibility space. An understanding on this can develop successful products and propositions. It is also a great way to share understanding and expertise from across the flexibility sector.


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