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Zoltan Karpathy

Zoltan joined LCP Delta as Principal Analyst in February 2021 with 19 years of experience in market research and consultancy in the HVAC (heating, heat pumps, comfort cooling) and building automation sector. He works in the consultancy side of the business on various topics.

Zoltan has a BSc in Economics and Business Administration obtained at the University of Brasov (Romania) and an MA in Marketing Communications at the KVIF University in Budapest (Hungary).

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Service Areas

Heat Research

Zoltan Karpathy's latest thoughts

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Global Warming Map Infographics
6th December 2023 10:00am
 As the European heating market navigates through the dynamic landscape of 2023, join us for a virtual roundtable discussion featuring LCP Delta’s heat experts.  In this webinar, our experts will examine the shifts and challenges encountered within the European heating market throughout 2023. They will shed light on the emergence of new economic and regulatory obstacles across...
Air heat pump beside house
March 8 2023
Analysis for this post was built on work conducted by our consulting teams and from our research services   Sluggish uptake  The UK Government’s ambition is to reach an annual 600,000 heat pump installations by 2028, but there are several barriers to reach this goal and the UK heat pump market is still far off...

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