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Stephen Harkin

Stephen is Principal Analyst at LCP Delta, directing and managing consulting projects & provides strategic input into the development of the consultancy side of LCP Delta’s business. He regularly leads consultancy assignments on the future evolution of heat in Europe and the impact this has on gas and electricity network companies & energy suppliers. Prior to this, Stephen developed and managed LCP Delta's Pathways Tool and Roadmap Service and developed LCP Delta's Microgeneration Insight Service. Stephen has managed a wide range of assignments for major technology manufacturers, utilities and policy makers across LCP Delta’s core areas of expertise.

Stephen joined LCP Delta in 2008 with a strong research and analysis background. He holds an MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems and a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh.

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Head of Consulting Business Development (Principal)

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Business towers and Green leaves
September 8 2023
A robust and defendable view on this is key for demonstrating and validating the potential revenues companies can make in the future. This:  Enables investors to understand the future potential revenues & returns of target companies they are exploring investing in  Helps investors to challenge business plans being presented to them and informs investor views...
Solar Power Plant in modern city,Sustainable Renewable Energy
June 14 2023
The drive to net zero and the need to mitigate climate change are reshaping the energy landscape. This transition necessitates the rapid development and deployment of new technologies, progressive policy and regulatory adaptations, and revolutionary business models. Changes in customer preferences also play an important role. These ongoing shifts present immense growth and value opportunities...
High voltage electricity tower
January 13 2022
In 2022, Delta-EE is delighted to be commencing work on the innovative BiTraDER project, which has a total cost of £8.4 million, as a project partner to Electricity North West, Electron and AFRY Management Consulting.   The innovative BiTraDER project to investigate and trial options for a bilateral trading market was awarded funding through Ofgem’s...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
April 29 2021
With Governments and policy makers across Europe ramping up ambitions for Net Zero and accelerating their plans to get there, this is and will increasingly lead to more deployment of renewable electricity generation, electrification of heat and transport, and increased energy efficiency.  It is also very clear that natural gas will be playing a smaller...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
November 10 2014
In my previous blogs & webinars, I discussed the outlook for low carbon heating appliances in five of Europe’s largest heating markets – Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK – comparing and contrasting the opportunities in these markets. Summing up the analysis from our Roadmap Service across all five countries, ‘gas boiler only’...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
August 14 2014
We recently completed our Roadmap Service forecasts for Italy and, having now assessed a number of major European residential boiler markets and the opportunity they present for low carbon technologies, it’s clear that no two markets are the same. Italy is certainly unique! With around 1 million residential scale heating appliance sales per year, Italy...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
May 20 2014
In May 2014, more than fifty specialists from Europe’s leading utilities and heating industry companies joined a Delta-ee webinar to discuss the future of the French and Dutch heating markets. To access the webinar recording and slide set follow this link. During the webinar, we explored two key questions using the Pathways Tool and Roadmap Service...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
April 15 2014
Earlier this year, 70 specialists from Europe’s leading heating industry and utility companies joined a webinar to discuss the future of the German and UK heating markets. ( To access the slide set for this webinar, or to download the recording, click here and scroll down) . To a backdrop of a transforming European home...

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