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Shivam Malhotra

I currently lead the team which supports Enact - a real-time data integration and analytics tool for the short-term energy markets. This is used by traders, analysts, managers, optimisers and more to help them trade power to help balance the electricity grid.

I work closely with our trading clients to try to see how we can continue to build out the platform to support them, and enjoy the fast-paced problem solving that this can involve. I also keep up to date on new developments in the energy market to ensure that we continue to stay ahead.

I’ve worked at LCP Delta since graduating in Maths from Imperial College London and was a summer intern here before that too!

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Shivam Malhotra's latest thoughts

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April 26 2023
It has been almost 4 years since LCP Delta published the industry’s first-ever asset leaderboard. Designed through Enact – its market leading real-time power market tool – LCP Delta aimed to help asset owners quickly compare and understand their performance and strategies against their competitors.   Since then, the GB market has experienced significant growth, with...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
January 27 2023
Emergency coal-fired electricity was used for the first time this winter to stave off the threat of blackouts after a cold snap and strikes in France stretched supplies. Read the full article here.   It was also picked up by: Bloomberg UK (behind a pay wall) Yahoo! Finance UK and Ireland Yahoo! News USA Yahoo!...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
January 23 2023
As temperatures again dip across the UK, National Grid ESO has announced the first Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) live events as well as warming coal units. However, as yet the tight capacity hasn’t pushed power prices beyond the expected winter highs. In today’s Current± Price Watch – powered by Enact – we take a look at these measures, as...

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