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Nigel Timperley

Nigel has 26 years of experience in the energy industry including spells at Distribution System Operators (DSO), suppliers, metering companies and in energy engineering. He has also worked in financial services, the UK civil service, and as an IT consultant.

Nigel has worked for the last 17 years within the new energy sector, leading a wide range of consultancy and research projects, and running a start-up in the energy space, focused on community energy. His main interest is in the commercialisation of innovative propositions, he has been heavily involved in trials, demonstrations, and market development. More recently, he joined LCP Delta where he continues to work for multiple clients, with a strong focus on the commercial aspects of the transition.

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New Energy Business Models

Nigel Timperley's latest thoughts

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31st January 2024 10:00am
For a decade and a half, LCP Delta has largely remained silent on the topic of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) within the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sector. Our silence stemmed from a belief that the BEMS landscape was static — a mature territory showing few signs of evolution, especially when compared to other emerging...
Wind energy
June 21 2023
The downstream energy sector stands on the brink of a monumental transformation. Galvanised by the 2021-23 energy crisis, innovators are ushering in a new era: one where sustainability and efficiency are paramount, not merely desirable. This pivotal moment invites both incumbents and entrepreneurs to discard the traditional volume-based commodity sales business model and replace it...
Home automation
The spectre of net zero has long been hovering over the energy industry, but the energy crisis might finally kill off the traditional energy retail business model. This model, predicated on ever-increasing consumption, clashes with today’s objectives of curbing demand, enhancing energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, and protecting customers from price volatility. Riding a swelling...
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December 19 2022
As the chapter closes on 2022, it’s easy to mark it as the mid-point of some dystopian novel. Bad news seems to be snowballing, coming out of a pandemic and straight into an energy crisis, economic uncertainty, and geopolitical instability. That’s before we even get into a bleak climate outlook where we’ve been drinking steadily...
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May 4 2015
Which of the many stories of emerging innovation in the energy services world give us a true glimpse of how it will look in future? The energy services world is changing as never before. There are many reasons why. There are challenging new objectives for carbon reduction, security of supply and fuel poverty. Can the...
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December 10 2014
The logic of E.ON’s announcement is compelling. It creates an old world (20th) century utility and a new world (21st) century utility. The former is centralised and asset led. The latter is decentralised and customer led. We like to think we’re far-sighted. Four years ago we forecast, in a joint study with Accenture, that to thrive...

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