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Nerea Martinez

Nerea has 4 years of experience working in the energy sector. She manages the Hydrogen Intelligence Service, with previous experience managing the Distributed Power Service.

Before joining LCP Delta, she worked as a consultancy engineer in building services, designing low-carbon buildings.

Nerea holds a MEng in Mechanical Engineering with Renewable Energy from the University of Edinburgh from where she graduated top of her class.

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Hydrogen Intelligence Service Research Manager (Consultant)

Service Areas

Hydrogen Research

Nerea Martinez's latest thoughts

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H2 Whitepaper
January 30 2024
The last two years have seen unprecedented disruption in global energy markets. Volatile gas prices, rising supply chain costs for offshore wind, and politics that whilst not slowing down the global importance of the climate crisis, has at least made some countries look closer to home for their own energy security. Hydrogen, whilst not insulated from these trends, has at least weathered the...
July 24 2023
Introduction to Nerea Martinez Hipolito Nerea Martinez Hipolito is the Hydrogen Intelligence Research Service Manager and and a technical expert at LCP Delta. In her four-year tenure, she has been pivotal in delivering key insights in both the distributed power and hydrogen sectors, fostering robust relationships along the way. Driven by a desire to positively...
May 18 2023
With over 11,000 delegates registered for the event, the Sustainable Energy Council’s World Hydrogen Summit tripled its participation in 2023. It is no longer a question whether hydrogen will be part of the decarbonisation journey, but rather how quickly it can take its place in the clean energy transition. Key topics dominating the week included...
Hydrogen Week
October 31 2022
Hydrogen Europe’s Flagship Expo and conference brought hundreds of hydrogen experts across Europe together last week in an event packed with thought provoking discussions and loads of networking opportunities. Stepping back and analysing all the interventions, the key message I took away is the need for the hydrogen market to move with speed. Timescales to...
Hydrogen renewable energy production - hydrogen gas for clean electricity solar and windturbine facility
September 5 2022
From our recent analysis of clean hydrogen demand in the European industrial in 2030 across 6 countries (UK, DE, NL, ES, IT, PL), we conclude that clean hydrogen will represent 26% of all hydrogen demand for current hydrogen consuming applications (ammonia, refining, methanol, and other chemicals). These applications are in industry sectors that use grey...
March 17 2020
With the amount of data processed globally continuously increasing, it may seem surprising that energy demand from data centres has remained stable for the past decade. This has been possible by minimising power requirements of non-IT equipment in data centres, leading to a drastic reduction in power usage effectiveness of many centres. However, as more...
November 7 2019
The European Heat Pump Summit (powered by Chillventa) is always eagerly anticipated by the heat team at Delta-EE. This year was no exception, with a packed agenda discussing the current state of the art in the design of all types of heat pump, and applications spanning from domestic to industrial, from low temperature to high temperature, and using a wide range of refrigerants. Contributions came from further afield...

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