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Team Member

Klara Ottosson

Klara joined LCP Delta in December 2020 and works with the Heat Services teams where she manages the Heating Business Service, focusing on topics such as evolving routes to market, heating propositions and customer research.

Before joining LCP Delta, Klara worked for over two years with district heating distribution at an energy company in southern Sweden. Klara holds an M.Eng. in Environmental Engineering from Lund University.

Author: <span class="vcard">Klara Ottosson</span>


Heating Business Service Research Manager (Consultant)

Service Areas

Heat Research

Klara Ottosson's latest thoughts

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People at a Trade Exhibition
February 13 2024
After spending two intense days at the VSK fair in Utrecht, speaking with the leading players on the Dutch heating market I am sure of one thing – the Dutch HVAC industry knows how to have fun! 
Cat sleeping on the heater
7th November 2023 10:00am
In the two years since we last presented on this topic, how have the propositions and the overall market landscape for Heat as a Service (HaaS) changed? Join us for 30-minute webinar to learn ‘what you need to know’ about the opportunities for domestic HaaS across Europe, hosted by the experts from LCP Delta’s heat...

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