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Jon Slowe

Jon has over 20 years' experience in the distributed energy, heat and energy services sectors, and is a founding director of Delta-EE, now LCP Delta, Jon has worked with an extensive range of clients across Europe, Japan and beyond, supporting and advising them on a wide range of energy transition topics. He is passionate about supporting the LCP Delta team to play its role in helping the energy transition happen as effectively and quickly as possible.

Jon has overall responsibility for LCP Delta’s portfolio of subscription products, covering heat, flexibility and storage, digital energy, distributed power, e-mobility, new business models and local energy systems. He also supports numerous consulting assignments. He is a regular conference presenter on how the energy transition is unfolding and works closely with LCP Delta’s clients, ranging from incumbent utilities to new entrants, and product manufacturers to investors. Jon hosts ‘Talking New Energy’, the LCP Delta podcast.

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September 28 2023
In sonnen’s early years the answer was easy – a manufacturer and vendor of residential batteries. Now, the question is harder to answer as it has added on hardware such as photovoltaics and wallboxes for electric vehicles – with an electricity retail and finance wraparound. All of this optimised for the householder by home energy...
Multiethnic group of people cooperating for environmental protection
October 5 2021
There’s a famous saying, “never let a crisis go to waste”. The current energy crisis – while having a terrible impact on many customers – gives the energy sector a golden opportunity to get in shape for the energy transition. The crisis, being felt to different degrees across Europe, is a consequence of several unrelated...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
June 22 2021
Electricity distribution networks will increasingly come under the spotlight as the energy transition gathers pace. Distribution networks are entering a brave new age. They have done their job excellently in Europe in the previous decades – distributing electricity from the transmission system to households and businesses in an increasingly efficient, cost-effective, reliable manner. But the nature of...
signposts pointing from 2020 to 2021
December 15 2020
We’ve done it… We’ve reached the end of 2020. As we all breathe a collective sigh of relief and look forward to the year ahead, it’s time to take a glass half full approach and celebrate the success we’ve seen in the new energy transition over the past year. I was recently joined by my...
June 8 2020
Don’t get caught out by thinking this is something for the future. It’s happening now. Local optimisation of supply and demand is on the rise, and will accelerate. In this blog I set out the five reasons why.   If you agree with these, and you are in the active in the energy value chain, you need to take an...
May 7 2020
At the current time it’s difficult to think about the energy transition without thinking about the current COVID-19 crisis. The economic downturn affects all parts of the economy, depresses energy demand, and impacts the whole energy value chain. But what specifically does it mean for the transition from old to new energy? We’ve identified five...
February 3 2020
The energy system’s going to get much, much more localised. Maybe you don’t think that’s big news? With photovoltaics appearing on more and more rooftops, and storage in homes, isn’t this obvious? In my opinion what you see today is just the very tip of the iceberg. In the past, economies of scale, dependence on...
November 22 2019
European Utility Week in Paris this year saw over 18,000 visitors cross its doors. We had our own stand there, where we met clients new and old, and we presented on two of the hottest topics in new energy at hub sessions: electric vehicles and demand-side flexibility. Following the event, the team decided to summarise...

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