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Jon Ferris

Jon has 16 years’ experience engaging consumers and distributed assets in energy markets. He spent 12 years managing a €1bn wholesale trading book on behalf of C&I consumers, working with retailers to develop new contracts enabling market access for smaller consumers and was also responsible for delivery of market intelligence, procurement and bill validation. This breadth of responsibilities, anchored in wholesale energy trading, gave Jon a unique insight into the interactions between markets and policy, and a detailed understanding of the cost structures of the energy system.

Jon was a member of the Power Responsive forum, representing the TPI sector, and is a member of the UK ISGAN team. Jon has also worked on local energy markets including a p2p curtailment market on Orkney, demand response optimisation in South Korea, and oversaw market design for the PFER Smart Local Energy System detailed design for a Regional Energy System Operator. He is a frequent commentator on the energy industry, and a regular speaker at industry events.

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Head of Flexibility and Storage (Principal)

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March 19 2024
This report is based on LCP Delta’s high level quantitative and qualitative research. This year we have expanded our coverage to maps: Accessibility of DSF in ancillary services Accessibility of DSF in distribution system flexibility Accessibility of residential assets in implicit and explicit flexibility TSO spend of market accessible to DSF Accessibility and spend of...
Big data connection technology concept
26th October 2023 11:00am
Join us and Lunar Energy to explore how energy retailers and service providers are attempting to capture value as we navigate the transition from passive end customers to active participants in the energy system. We will be sharing learnings from our global experience from the US to Japan. Join us and hear about: Implicit vs...
Battery storage power station accompanied by solar and wind  turbine power plants. 3d rendering.
Experts from LCP Delta and EASE (The European Association for Storage of Energy) presented the 7th annual European Market Monitor on Energy Storage (EMMES) and discussed how the European Union’s Electricity Market Design revision shaped the energy storage market. EMMES holds the most extensive database on European energy storage projects. The database of over 2,600...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
October 17 2022
Energy communities have the potential to accelerate the energy transition, by providing affordable energy, democratising access to markets, and supporting energy independence and security of supply. Last year saw a greater focus on energy communities due to drivers such as the energy crisis. After the European normative introduced Renewable energy communities and Citizen energy communities,...
Ancient frequency meter measuring the frequency (Xz) isolated on a white background. Vibration (reed) frequency meters, resonant oscillations, alternating magnetic or electric field. Hertzmet
June 13 2022
On a sunny Friday afternoon, I found myself pondering fast-acting ancillary services and the barriers they face. Since I’m sure most other normal people also think about such things, I decided to share some of my musings on the topic. Starting with the ‘basics’ – we know having more renewables on the grid and the...
business man's hand holding up a light bulb in front of a city skyline
January 31 2022
“The way that residential customers pay for distribution networks is set to change. In summary, we’re likely to see more charges based on capacity (kW), compared to the current system which is largely based on energy (kWh).” This blog article will discuss how the opinions captured in December’s online survey regarding network tariffs compare with...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
December 6 2021
Historically, network tariffs job has been to finance the maintenance, upgrade and operation of the electricity grid. However, as the energy transition unfolds, tariffs are starting to have another job as an additional instrument for DSOs (distribution system operators, also known as distribution network operators) to operate the electricity grid by influencing consumers’ consumption. At...
black and white image of electricity pylon in low light
August 23 2021
Sometimes it takes a crisis to spur innovation and change. The Covid-19 pandemic, tragic in so many ways, has seen dramatic changes in working practices that are now embedded in many companies. Will the same be true of the Texas blackouts earlier this year, another tragic event that led to 5 million homes without power,...

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