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John Murray

John leads LCP Delta’s electric vehicle (EV) team and has overall accountability for the successful delivery of the EV Charging Service and all EV-related consultancy projects. John is passionate about accelerating the transition to electric transportation and motivated by supporting clients in their ambitions to develop new strategies and propositions for their customers.

John has been at LCP Delta since 2012 and, during that time, he’s had several different roles. He developed and launched the Distributed Power Service (DPS) in 2013, providing market intelligence, data and forecasts on the global gas engine market, and took LCP's furtive, first steps into the world of microgrids – a pre-cursor to the existing Local Energy Systems Service (LES).

John holds an MChem in Environmental Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh.

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Head of Electric Vehicles

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EV Charging Service

John Murray's latest thoughts

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Electric Car in Charging Station.
Press Release
January 24 2024
During LCP Delta’s webinar this week, sharing highlights from the Electric Vehicle Charging Research Service (EVCS), it was revealed that while most attendees are optimistic about the European EV and charging market in the next three years, there are some concerns in the short-term. The webinar poll results of 94 attendees include the following: 49%...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
June 23 2023
Major new survey of electric vehicle drivers from Shell and LCP Delta reveals confidence in the technology is surging as sales records continue to be toppled. Read the full article here. Please note this is behind a pay wall.   It was also picked up by: Ecomobiel L’Automobile & L’Enterprise Bsozd Newsfenster News Nachrichten Gulf...
Generic Report Promo Banner_1200x627_UK_English
June 23 2023
Interested in how our EV Charging Service can help you?  Find Out More New research commissioned by Shell Recharge and conducted by LCP Delta suggests electric vehicle (EV) adoption is accelerating in several key European markets and it is having a positive impact on driver perceptions, including range anxiety. Read the Press Release Did you...
a woman plugs her electric car in to charge in her garage
November 24 2021
From next year, new homes and buildings will be required by law to install electric vehicle charging points. Here are my 10 thoughts, comments and questions in response to the news that all new homes and buildings in England will have an EV charger from next year: 1. Before it became clear earlier this year...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
July 9 2020
There is little doubt that COVID-19 has been a difficult time for chargepoint operators (CPOs) – the majority of which are already making a loss. This is primarily due to the significant reduction in the utilisation rates of public chargepoints. In fact, according to Zap-Map, in the UK, there has been a 60% reduction of...
briefcase showing UK Treasury Budget
March 12 2020
In response to this week’s UK Budget announcement, John Murray, responds: “We welcome today’s budget’s announcement of £500m for rapid charging hubs – but we need to consider how we power this too. There are no two ways about it, smart charging will be critical in how we balance our networks in future. As EV...
Electric car charging point parking with blue signs
December 6 2019
As we have previously mentioned, smart charging has become a common part of everyday vocabulary if you are in any way interested in the future of the energy industry. As EV uptake rates continue to grow and the associated impact on the electricity grid becomes clearer, the conversation around smart charging has evolved from asking...
Electric cars with ev charger
October 24 2019
E-mobility and EVs. Smart charging and Vehicle-to-Grid. ACES*… I think it’s fair to say that over the last 2-3 years, these terms have – to a greater or lesser extent – become a common part of everyday vocabulary if you are in any way interested in the future of the energy industry.    And for good reason. At the end of 2013, there...

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