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Jeremy Harrison

For more than 40 years I have been working at the forefront of innovation in the transition from old to new energy. That is, the move from centralised top-down systems based on thermal power plants, towards a sustainable system exploiting distributed, renewable energy resources.

My experience with the commercialisation of what were once considered alternative technologies has given me invaluable insights which I am now able to share with clients as they seek to identify technology and business model solutions with a particular focus on energy efficiency, distributed generation, and local and community energy systems.

I am currently working with network operators, energy suppliers and solution providers to deliver world-leading energy systems based on transactive energy concepts, that is, the optimisation of the energy system using economic incentives.

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April 29 2022
The article discusses the need for radical approaches to decarbonising domestic heating, particularly in the context of the UK’s growing housing market and net-zero targets. Jeremy Harrison suggests that local microgrids could play a crucial role in supporting energy communities and facilitating the electrification of new homes. As the housing market expands and electrification efforts...
May 5 2021
Transactive energy is, according to the Gridwise Architecture Council: “A system of economic and control mechanisms that allows the dynamic balance of supply and demand across the entire electrical infrastructure using value as a key operational parameter” To some observers, this is an exciting innovation, using financial incentives to optimise performance of the energy system....
Aerial view of windmills in green summer forest in Finland. Wind turbines in a green forest
November 25 2020
It is a sad indictment of humankind that we always seem to feel the need for an adversarial approach to life, particularly when it includes the future of our planet.    We all recognise that there is an urgent need to develop a sustainable energy system, no longer dependent on finite fossil fuels. Given that, one might imagine that we would all be...
October 12 2020
Delta-EE has been looking at blockchain for a while now but, despite the hype, has so far found little evidence that it is making any significant contribution to new energy.   So why is there so much hype around blockchain? Given the current level of hype we would expect to see myriad game-changing applications, and it...
June 15 2020
Last week I wrote about the opportunity for energy communities to fund the green transition, based on the belief that there is a vast amount of consumer savings just waiting to be tapped into. A lot has happened since then. I had been led to believe that household savings across Europe and globally were at...
power station with smoke from chimneys
February 6 2020
“Black Start” is the process by which the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS) would be recovered following a total system collapse. This is a not uncommon occurrence in some regions of the world but thankfully) unheard of in the UK; that does not mean we should not plan for such an eventuality. However, the current...
solar panels with turbine in background
June 12 2019
Energy is becoming more distributed and localised. We’re seeing the emergence of local energy communities, Microgrids and a whole plethora of potentially disruptive business models. To some this represents a challenge to their core business, to others it promises exciting new opportunities. Today’s Distribution System Operators may fear the threat of grid defection. Even if...
Industrial view Oil refinery and oil tanks plant during at twilight.
May 30 2018
As the UK transitions to a new energy paradigm, incumbent players in the existing value chain, including gas network operators, face significant challenges to their current business models, and at Delta-ee we’re excited to help these companies to address these challenges.   There are any number of proposals for a long-term energy system aimed at...

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