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Faisal Wahid

Faisal, with over 12 years of experience in the energy sector, helps people and businesses on their journey to Net Zero through quantitative analysis, complimented with in depth knowledge of energy markets, regulations, and policy. As a Senior Consultant at LCP Delta, Faisal oversees consulting projects across the organisation that require techno-economic modelling of markets, energy systems and individual assets. In addition, he manages the commercial operations for the energy consulting modelling team inside LCP Delta.

Faisal has expertise in energy market design and analysis, carrying out numerous studies in energy policy, techno-economic modelling, software development of energy systems, and conducting transaction due diligence in investments into utilities and energy assets. He has worked with a wide range of actors in the energy sector across the world such as investment firms, government bodies, multinational organisations such the International Energy Agency and the World Bank, community groups, utility companies, system operators and many others. Faisal holds a joint PhD in stochastic energy modelling at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, and École Polytechnique in France.

For Faisal, working with likeminded who are passionate about tackling climate change by using their analytical and data science skillset is the most rewarding part of the job.

Outside of the office Faisal is a bookworm, a big foodie, and an avid board gamer.

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ocean setting with wind turbines against a blue sky
August 9 2023
Renewable developers find themselves facing a very different investment landscape in the UK than previous CfD (contract for differences) auction years. The era of cheap capital looks to be over as high inflation and high interest rates seem unlikely to come back down to historic levels in the short term – directly impacting the cost...

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