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David Trevithick

David has over 30 years of energy experience in consumer insight. He is responsible for LCP Delta’s three digital energy subscription research services and actively product manages Energy Insights +.

He helps our clients understand and benefit from energy consumption and related data to improve customer engagement and successfully transition to energy services. David is a specialist in consumer insight and data, and its application to business intelligence, proposition development, customer experience and marketing strategy.

David holds business and marketing qualifications, including an MBA from the Bradford University School of Management.

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Head of Digital Energy Research

Service Areas

Digital Research

David Trevithick's latest thoughts

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People at a Trade Exhibition
June 20 2023
2,469 exhibitors from 57 countries took part in this year’s Smarter E / Intersolar, with a record attendance of 106,000 visitors. The packed exhibition halls certainly confirmed that solar PV, energy storage, EV charging and energy management are among the hottest topics in the European energy transition today. Looking back at the market figures, this...
house with lights on against starry night
3rd May 2023 10:00am
This webinar took place on May 3rd at 10am. We discussed why HEM has never been more discussed by the energy industry than it is today. Over the past two years, more and more households have installed solar PV and battery storage against the backdrop of rising electricity prices in Europe. At the same time,...
Energy in the city
20th April 2023 10:00am
This webinar took place on 20th April. We discussed the market landscape, adoption rates and what the future holds. Covering questions such as: What impact has the energy crisis had on the uptake of energy insights services? How will the market and competitive landscape develop? How are innovative market players responding and evolving their offer?...
the word insight with people climbing over it
December 15 2021
Where’s the money? How big is the economic opportunity? These are the most frequent questions I get asked about energy consumption data, or ‘energy insights’. These are simple and important questions to ask but has been a challenge to give a confident response to. Customers enjoy better understanding, control, and reduction of their energy use....
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
November 23 2021
Amongst the talk of targets, commitments and roadmaps, we must make room to talk with consumers. Technology clearly plays a central role in the energy transition even at the end of the supply chain, from decarbonising homes and transport to increasing and optimising green electricity generation and storage. But we often forget that consumers will play an equally important role....
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
September 14 2021
The energy transition is a term familiar to us in the energy sector, and we might talk about the need to lead consumers through it. Yet do we adequately consider what this means for consumers and how this is realistically achieved? Even in countries with the lowest carbon footprints, there is still a range of...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
September 7 2021
I recently wrote about reframing the energy transition narrative, discussing the need to engage customers in order to bring them on the journey from having to buy commodity-based products based on price, to wanting to buy energy services based on value. But what does that path to customer engagement look like and what role does...
Close up focus on employee hand holding tablet
August 31 2021
Much of the energy transition narrative has been around the decentralisation of energy assets, the digitalisation of business models and the shift from fossil fuel to renewable energy generation. There is growing momentum in interest and innovation here and few in the energy sector will dispute the huge changes already underway and accelerating in the...

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